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Saiyin name: Iceber
Earth name: Dylan
Age: 15
Height: 5 feet 6 inches
Weight: 130 pounds
Type of Saiyin: Full Saiyin
Forms: SSJ, SSJ 2, SSJ 3, SSJG, SSJGSS, (I made up the rest of these forms and they will be used in my DBZ comic series) Super Saiyin Rainbow, SSJR 2, SSJR 3, Super Saiyin Gold, SSJ Gold 2, SSJ Gold 3, Super Saiyin Gold Rainbow, SSJGR 2, Super Saiyin Blue, SSJB 2, SSJB 3, Ultimate Saiyin, USJ 2, USJ 3
Moves (mostly made up and are also going to be in my comic series): Kamaehamaeha, Super Kamaehamaeha , Instant Transmission, Death Beam, Tue Kaey Blast, Tue Kaey Destruction Blast, Tue Kaey Ultimate Blast, Tue Kaey Final Ultimate Destruction Blast, Ultimate Destruction Blast Wave, Light Wave Cannon, Super Light Wave Cannon, Ultimate Destruction Blast.
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