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Breakfast in bed.....

So the crack of dawn
falls in the shadows
of valleys forged from flesh
with perky tops,
Draping blonde slopes
and extruded ear lobes.
Over shoulders ....
soft moans....
And nibbles!

Bob Jenkens

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"Promise Land"
"Promise Land" By Arcassin Burnham I've been looking for a place like you, In search of all my sanity, A better virtue, *Awaiting for a promise land*, *That just don't seem to come*, Never knowing where I'm going to land, My feet are in shackles and cha...

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SPOKEN WORD: “Lemonade” 
Listen to it on SOUNDCLOUD by clicking on this link:

JAHMARthePOET: “Expressing Life Through Poetry”   

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"Holy Ghost"
"Holy Ghost" by Arcassin Burnham I don't know who you take me for, but I'm not a saint, And as the chills run down my spine, sincerely over think, there are no happy endings to thoughts I thought about, the holy ghost demands to know, what I can show, lays ...

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This is my flamboyant introduction to the group....I promise I won't be a billboard again.

By Isabella George
Big Ma would bribe us to cut the yard
She was clever to drive a bargain that hard
With pancakes, bacon, cheese eggs and Kool-Aid.
And Big Ma's pancakes were original and homemade,
With hot syrup and butter foaming on top,
She'd say, "Say when", and we'd say, "don't stop".
Georgia smoked sausage, juicy and hot
Hash brown potatoes sizzled in the pot,
And juicy little pigs in a blanketed wrap
Were dipped in a sweet maple syrupy sap,
Thick slices of sweet smoked honey baked ham
Were smeared with cherries and pineapple jam.
Or, hot biscuits and eggs with sharp cheddar cheese
She'd pile on your plate, as much as you'd please,
And hot buttery grits with sea salt and black pepper;
Whatever she wanted, no doubt we would help her,
With ham and grits, red eye gravy would swirl
And we'd mix it up with a slow easy twirl.
We washed it down with ice cold Kool-Aid,
Then we'd get to work, did not need to get paid.
When we were out there cutting the yard,
The sun beating down on us pretty hard,
Big Ma would bring out something to drink,
Sharkleberry Fin! Ice cold and light pink!
"Will work for food", was our breakfast deal,
But she would always throw down a great meal,
On Sundays she'd make a big family brunch.
After our showers, she fixed a big lunch
We had fun, and she'd love, the job we'd done;
Leaf raking, roses staking,
Garden hoeing, leaf blowing
Weed whacking, leaf sacking,
Perfect hedging, sidewalk edging
And the pruning and buffooning;
Lawn mower humming
Big Ma kept the Kool-Aid coming!
Berry Blue, Great Bluedini
Great to be me,
Underneath the Sea grape tree
With a Rock-A-Dile Red
And a big lunch spread
And some a dat, Incrediberry, Bunch Berry
Surfing Berry, Scary Black Cherry,
Mountain Berry, Watermelon Cherry
Erie Orange, Cool Ghoul Aid
Tangerine, Pink Lemonade
Root beer, Apple, Rainbow Punch
Berry Blue, Red Fruit, Sunshine Punch
PurpleSaurus Rex, dat Pink Swimmingo,
"Where did all the cool Aid go?"
©Isabella George
All rights reserved

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Happy New Year! The good folks at +Tweetspeak Poetry issued a bread or pastry food poetry writing prompt. Check out the prompt and poem submissions in the comments section of the link below.

#foodpoetry   #foodpoem  

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It's fall! What foods inspire you to write poetry?
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