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Name: Maria Grimleal
Age: about 17 or 18
Gender: female
Height: average
Weight (Optional): not telling! Well, light weighted.
Personality: Maria is very cheerful and sometimes childish. She, however, fears that her darkness might harm the people she cared about; especially Chrom, her friend.
Appearance: pic 1 is her adult self. pic 2 is her child self.
Likes: bear meat, her friends, candy, blue skies
Dislikes: lamb meat, her darkness, her friends in big danger
Bio (Optional): Maria is the daughter of Validar and a street performer. Her father was in search of a woman with a strong bloodline. He encountered a street performer who was related to one of the Grimleal members. The two got married. When Maria was born, her mother had to travel to Valm to handle issues (which lasted for a lot of years). During that time, Validar raised his daughter and secretly planned to prepare the vessel for the Fell Dragon. Of course, he had to deal with her pranks and childish behavior. Maria inherited beauty from her mother and advanced magic skills. Little is known.
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[Character info will come in another post]
[Fire Emblem Awakening roleplay. I need a Validar, and many others yet to come. OCs are allowed, but Validar is desperately needed.]

Fire Emblem: Fallen Memories

So, you know how Robin was Chrom's tactician and saved the world from the fell dragon? Well,.......let's forget that and go back about 20 years. What if the mother didn't escape with the child, trusting that her husband (Validar) would raise the child well? The story I will tell you is nothing you've ever heard before.

The queen (Jane) was the mother of the soon-to-be child. Her screams of labor terrified the guards who stood by the door. And in the hallway was a pacing young male known as Validar. He was the king of Plegia. He promised to his people that his child will bear the mark. The woman he wedded was a street performer with a strong bloodline. She was the perfect candidate.

Another scream interrupted his thoughts. He prayed to Grima, hoping his child would be the one.

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Name: Majora
Gender: Neither, but appearance is female
Age: Unknown
Species: Goddess
Weapon: Several Magical Powers (And other goddess-like things)
Bio: (Not official character bio, but one I read and thought was cool. There isn't an official one for the character.)
Majora was the fourth sister of the Goddesses, (She was the goddess of Chaos, and the fourth middle piece of the triforce) who was made to control disasters in order to keep the hylians from deciding that they were as powerful as the goddesses. After misusing her power, she was banished to the land of Termina, and sealed inside a mask.
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