Help me in my pc Windows 10 my function keys e not working 

Anyone tell me how to know others wifi password

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Friends I want to hack wifi wep security give some ideas. ....HURRY

sorry guys.. wasnt active here since a long time..
i almost stopped using google+ and fb [You may know Why]

and if u listen me then u shud stop too... even Gmail..

big loopholes on all these product... use it when u dont want ur privacy + security

these companies r fooling us.. they don't even care a bit for u.. all they want is MONEY..

google is less search engine more ad company same as fb..

I need ur help friend.
My laptop is not working correctly.
Getting some ERROR.

Can u just help me how to hack a wpa2 psk password protected wifi hotspot from windows 10 laptop or android lolipop smartphone????

How to hack a WiFi through laptop.....
Pls comment

How to get all information like Mobile No., Of device which connected to My WiFi Router !!

Need help I'll most likely be able to answer it

Sir help, how to get paid app from play store in free pl, help
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