Oh my gosh, Aria, do you even know what a warrior is?!
PLEASE tell me honestly, do you know what a WOLF CLAN is?

Name: Dawn Storm
Gender: Female
Age: 2
Clan: Lightning Star Pack
Rank: Alpha
Personality: Kind, brave, adventurous, helpful, and graceful
Look: Arctic wolf with black lightning bolt over right eye, blueish greenish eyes

Name: Swagheart
Gender: Girl
Age: 5 moons
Clan: Wolf clan
Rank: I dont know what that means
Personality: Silly, brave, and swag.
Look: ALL white

Name: Skyler Starchen
Gender: Female
Age: 2 years
Clan: Lightning Star Pack
Rank: Alpha Female
Personality: kind, courageous, leader, helpful and, inspiring
Look: All grey with one streak of white on left ear with blue/stormy grey eyes
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