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Job vacancy Removals HGV/LGV Driver (Class 2) required in Croydon Greater London. Recruitment: We are currently seeking full or part time experienced removals drivers with minimum class 2 LGV licence (Category C or CE) for immediate start.

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As this is a Motor Trade Recruitment community, I have a new concept project that I wish to share, it might just help people in the UK into a job with the Motor Trade.
But can this be explained please,
"" * No advertising of any company or other communities will be accepted. If you wish to advertise any services please contact the moderation team"" . where do I find the 'moderation team. I can then send something for them to read to see if it is suitable.

I do get very frustrated with Motor Trade Recruitment for several reasons.
For what ever reason, you find yourself looking for another company to work for, bored, undervalued, overloaded, overlooked and probably underpaid, I think that covers most of it.
Then you in front of your PC, checking out what other positions are available in your working area, available, pay rates, responsibilities etc. You click on something that you like the look of, just right for you. You know the company and you are confident that you can give a good account of yourself in an interview.

You see that it is Agency X that is advertising the job. Ok, you register, you fill in all that you have to and upload your updated CV. Great!

This is the point that you start to experience frustration and disappointment. In the last few years, I can only give top marks to a maximum of three of the Agencies. The rest do not even acknowledge you. With my recent circumstances of unemployment due to redundancy, I have registered with at least twenty agencies. 

Only two responded, and they were very professional. One even contacted me before and after an interview to give and get feedback. Most excellent as it made you feel worth something., Not like the rest who did not respond at all.

An agency is normally engaged by a company to find a candidate that hopefully fills a position within their business. But after seeing all of the repetitive same jobs then appearing with many others, I have a suspicion that they are 'trawling' for CVs. As a senior manager, I often received E Mails from other agencies stating that they had a number of people in my area looking for a job, with a list of who they say they had available. 

This reflects badly on the other good companies that do it properly. We could all advertise jobs available and get thousands of CVs sent in, but if you are just trawling, this is so unfair on the people looking for a job. Being out of work these days is a serious issue. So it's not fair, is it?

My comments are Motor Trade but the content really does affect many other working outlets. Do you work in the Motor Trade?
How long have you worked in the Motor Trade?  One year, five years, forty years?
It is a busy, and yes, thriving working environment. 
There have been casualties on the way with a few dealers and even manufacturers closing down.
But the Motor Trade has been around for a long time and will continue for a lot longer. And once you are part of it, it is very difficult to leave it. I suppose that the same thing could be said of other types of jobs, doing the same thing day in and day out. 

But with the Motor Trade, it seems to be a stand alone environment. Sales selling the products with Service keeping it running, literally, for the customers. With a network of support staff that the business just could not do without. Warranty Clerks, Accounts, Cleaners and Drivers. It all becomes a team effort to keeping the business alive and hopefully profitable.

But sometimes, the longer the time spent in the Motor Trade, routine, boredom, apathy and the loss of interest can set in. These things can eat away at the team environment, spreading like a cancer.
Staff morale can suffer greatly by one or two individuals constantly moaning about the smallest things in the every day work place. Even the most positive of people can be affected by this on a regular basis.

Most of the time it comes down to the individual who is just not happy with their lot. Home life, work, pay, daily duties all become a pain which they need to share with everyone around them. 
But in some cases the causes can be quite valid, they may be small or they may be great, but they are concerns that should be acknowledged by the management. To just get them aired would be a huge step forward to resolving many internal issues.

Just having regular meetings is not answer. The company has to listen to everything, and to respond, and to explain if something is not viable, explaining why not etc. Some issues are quite small and can be sorted out very quickly, giving a positive feedback to the staff. With every meeting, every concern raised must be recorded in the minutes. This is then in print and has to be addressed through to a conclusion, be it negative or positive. 
The management at the top need to be kept informed what is happening throughout their company, and by being kept in the loop of information, they may have a solution of their own that solves many a problem. 
It is surprising just how many companies do not have regular staff/department meetings!
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