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The Holocron of the Ti Family

Entry made by Salina Ti- Beliym

Date: unknown

Why did we leave the Jedi order to form the Togruta Jedi order? Several things happened that caused us to leave. I will talk about the major events that happened.
First the order had secrets that was kept from them. the action of one Jedi caused the end of the republic and the destruction of the old jedi order.
second they was slow in helping the togruta people although they helped save the people Kiros most of them was taken some where eles to be slaves but the order did not want to find the rest of my people
and finally They could see that they were being used by a sith. By the time they found out the truth it was too late. My sister Shaak Ti For saw this and instructed the others to return to Shili and go into hiding until what to come was over so I and the rest of the togruta jedi retruned home to Shili this is why the Togruta left the jedi order

Salina Ti-Beliym Jedimaster Lightsaber instructor 

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Holocron created by : Jedi master Cryanm Beliym

Date: unknown

Where does a Jedi gets his/her power from?
A Jedi power comes from the force. In this holocron I will be telling you about the force. The main thing about the force how you use the force determines if you are on the dark side or the light side. I have discovered that there is a balance of the two. As in life and death all things must die but there is also birth and rebirth so it's the same with the force. To much of one tips the balance

Force: energy that comes from all living things

There are two forms of the force the living force and the cosmic force

Living force : made up of all living things
Cosmic force : made up of all things that was living and living.

Cryanm Beliym Deputy Grandmaster

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Name: Cryanmy Beliym
Code name: The Falcon
Gender: Male
Family: Salina Ti-Beliym (Togruta mother) Gaylen Beliym (Human father killed by unknown sith) Shaak Ti Debila Ti (Aunts) Corin Ti (uncle ) Felina Ti Deliena Ti-Gilim (Sisiters) Kira Onasi-Beliym (wife) Valentine (adopted son) Andrea Gilim (niece)
Ahsoka Tano
Vash Zontinis
The new Jedi order (Corusant)
The order of Valiance and justice ( Mygeeto)
The light of the Jedi (Cato Nemoideia)
The order of Kenobi (Tatooine)
The New Republic
The Resistance
Home World: Shili
Order: The Togruta Jedi order
Rank: Jedi Master
Position: Deputy Grandmaster
A master of battle meditation
A master of Beats control
A skilled negotiator
A very powerful self healer
A very powerful healer a master of all lightsaber forms
Able to speak any language
Able to Cloak force abilities from other force users
Creator of lightsaber form Yinache ( the charged lightsaber)
Force Augmentation
Force Bomb
Force Crush
Force deflection
Force grab
Force jump
Force kick
Force lift
Force Lightning (very powerful and purified)
Force maelstrom
Force pull
Force push
Force quake
Force repulse
Force Sever
Force shock wave
Force speed
Force wave
Mind manipulation
Mind wipe
Weapons: Three double bladed lightsabers ( one blueone purple one white) one gold single bladed lightsaber one silver single bladed lightsaber
Equipment: classified
Bio: classified

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Holocron of Jedi Master Cryanm Beliym

Date unknown

Greeting padawans you have a question why our people the togruta split from the main Jedi order you all know of the clones wars the togruta Jedi was concerned that there home planet would be attacked the order which was over whelmed couldn't send any protection to Shili so most of the togruta Jedi Returned to Shili a few stayed behind my mother along with my sisters and my aunt Shaak Ti stayed. Then the people of Kiros was taken as slaves Ahsoka Tano Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anikan Skywalker saved then but many lost there lives. Later young Tano was framed and with that the rest of the togruta left but Aunt Shaak Ti my mother and me aunt Debila Ti took my sisters and also left months later the temple was attack an my mother and me almost were killed but a clone who removed his chip helped us escape later we learned that same clone wad executed for helping us. Now you are here a part of the togruta Jedi order one of the largest orders

Jedi master Cryanm Beliym Deputy Grandmaster

Cryanm Beliym

Date unknown

The training of the Jedi is center around the emotion of the Jedi. Controlling ones emotion is very important. Some emotion leads a person to the dark side of the force. In the words of a great jedimaster Master Yoda : Fear leads the anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. Fear is the path to the dark side Fear leads to many emotions that would cause a jedi do something that not the jedi way. Anikan had the fear of loosing those close to  him that with the manipulation of palpatine  Anikan fell to the dark side becoming Darth Vader. By learning how to totally control your emotions you will escape this fate.  So my padawans be mindful of your feelings sometimes they will betray you.

Jedimaster Cryanm Beliym Deputy Grandmaster

Date unknown

Greeting all you have the question why the the togruta Jedi order changed to the Shili Jedi order. You all know Silverglade her brother put out a bounty on her and oppressed other on her home world. She and went to her home world to confront him. After which we brought back those he imprisoned some were force sensitive after settling on a continent they are part of the Jedi order so we changed the name to the Shili Jedi order now we are complete

Cryanm Beliym Deputy Grandmaster
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