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😀Self-Improvement- How To Recognise An Opportunity And Grab It☺

In this video I look at how to improve yourself in various ways by practicing self sacrifice skills, positive thinking and having a clear goal of what you want to achieve and creating clear steps to be able to do this successfully.


#motivation #coach #selfimprovement #positivethinking #mindfulness

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SUBSCRIBE IF HELPFUL! was raped at 11 then Locked up at 12 until I was 20 in an NHS care abuse scandal that they don't want me to talk about! I'm still here! I talk through living 'in the moment' so your distressing thoughts don't send you to suicide. I hope this video saves you like it saved me. PEACE.

#suicide #suicidal #depression #mindfulness

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The things we cherish are not valuable the love we share doesn't seem to be cared. Open your vein to bleed the color that is supposed to be notice! And then we can all be equal to the eyes of a heart🙄

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Hi guys! I know it's been a while. There is something important I want to ask all of you!

If you have had any experiences or know someone who dealt with any kind of mental illness, abuse, criminal incident, feel free to message me privately or comment! I would love to hear your story, your advise and any idea you have :)

I'm working on a project that is called "choose to keep going". You surely all know the quote and the semicolon as a symbol of strength and the will not to give in to depression and anxiety and all that makes us suffer. We're all one. We all suffer some time in some way. We should support each other and I'm trying to figure out what is the most important thing, which are the basic things when you need help, when you feel depressed.

I want to collect everything and see if I can make a plan and so on. It's a big idea and I will build it up from all that I have and know.

Please guys, feel free to talk to me about that and ask me questions if you want to know anything. Thank you for reading this veeery long post ♡♡♡


Please re-share with anyone you like and want and in any communities!

So now here some questions as a guide for my thought on this project. ♡♡♡
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He made me. I need to talk please.

You just have to love those bad feelings that you get
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