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Kanen sits in the math class, completely bored. He sits there for a few minutes before pulling out a small mirror. He looks into it and gasps. "My eyeliner is smudged!" He silently excused himself to the restroom where he stands in front of the mirror, re-doing his makeup.

( +Foxy_the_Hunter2.0 )

Kanen sits in the cafeteria silently eating a sandwich. He only eats about 2 or 3 bites before dropping it back onto his plate.
"I'm full..."
He picks the sandwich up again and chucks it as hard across the room as possible. It hits somebody in the face and other students begin throwing food. He smirks and slips out of the food fight and out of the Cafeteria.

William spies on Candy as Sally spies on William Sally: William? William turns around Oh hello sally Sally sighs and stands next to him Sally: Spying on Candy again? +Tokyo The Comic Artist​ (It's OK if you don't want to rp as Candy)

Kanen sits in class resting his face on his palm and staring blankly at the wall. He sighs and glances at the clock before dropping his head entirely onto the desk. "Ugghhhhhh."

William teaches the class Alright, imagine a Silver Flame above your head slowly raises his hands Now, say this chant: O, great god of death, I summon the beast his hands glow Thy who seems worthy to cross shall forever be my familiar, so mote it be a silver wolf with blue glowing eyes apears
+Tokyo The Comic Artist

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Name: Amy Wolfgang
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Likes: music
Dislikes: rock music
Crush/lover: William Jackson
Species: Human
Personality: Kind, Sweet, gentle, caring
Bio: She is a music prodigy, she attended STH for a while until she earned a music scholar ship. She is a descendant of Wolfgang Mozart. She thinks every one is special, but she thinks William is cute. She loves anything romantic and is easily saddened.

+Tokyo The Comic ArtistWilliam sleeps in his dorm while Nico looks outside

Arenza stands in the gym and stands in a yoga position with her eyes closed. She breathes in through her nose and out through her mouth. The entire room is silent except for her breathing. +Foxy_the_Pirate2.0

Candy Jackson sits in the cafeteria at a bench. He lazily flips though a large book and yawns.
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