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Hey Guys! Have you seen the new look to my site yet??

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I’ve been working on buffing out the rust on the exhaust system of my bike 🏍. Also been taking this opportunity to let my son get his hands 🤚 dirty and learn about some tools🛠
Check out 📲 my YouTube video 🎥 of my son helping me scrub some parts clean.
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Have you heard of macros? Have you ever calculated your macros? Here's a quick overview of macros and a simple way to calculate them.

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I've always been interested in motorcycles, but I never thought I'd actually be rebuilding one!
Part of A Living System ™ involves having goals. They don't always have to revolve around your career or business, a goal can also be to pick up a new hobby or interest, like working motorcycles.

Visit for more information on A Living System ™, the IamClintFit Movement ™, and links to my social media accounts like Instagram where you can watch my motorcycle rebuild project updates each week!
ClintFit Consulting™
ClintFit Consulting™

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Here's an opportunity to participate!

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Lunch Work. A little workout on your lunch break is better than no workout.

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Q&A with The Gravity Effect
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