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Name riku

Gender male

Species human


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you are hunting and it's almost dark, you've caught a lot of game, but you can get one more before you head home, you see a deer but it also sees you and it runs, to reveal a humanoid figure, your still aiming down the sight when your finger slips and shoots, the bullet hits the creature in the hind leg and you hear a blood curtailing scream, you cover your ears and the last thing you see is the creature running off, you black out and wake up and see the creatures blood trail, you look at it in shock, and you shake in fear, you don't know what that creature was, you think about it when you hear it's scream again

1. Create a profile first, it MUST be approved before roleplaying
2. No God modding
3. No bullying
4. Nothing sexual

1. You will receive a warning
2. Warning, if you don't change your characters powers, you will be banned.
3. Permanent ban
4. One month ban

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(Real Name) Zen
(Other name) Polaris
(Family) None
(Species) Owl Spirit of the Moon
(Hair) White
(Eye Color) Pale
(Outfit) White Jacket
(Weapon) Feathers (launched like arrows)
(Extra Notes) stronger, faster and immortal under the moon (does this count of godmodding?)
(Other) sometimes stares
(Backstory) he made from moonlight and a owl (i'm sorry i have nothing)
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you are a 17 year old boy walking home late at night from a school camping trip, you are nearly home but you have to walk through a small forest to get home, you walk through the trees to find a clearing, your phone starts to act up, your music is replaced with demonic whispers, you look around scared to find nothing. You begin to run but you drop your wallet, you don't notice until you try to fix your phone, you look back to see a black creature looking at it, you think it's a animal and you try to scare it off but it won't move. You grab your heavy backpack and puts it on the ground and shakes it to distract the creature, but the creature rushes at you and lunges at your throat, you try to fight back but it's too powerful, your life flashes before your eyes and you become unconscious. You wake up in the hospital with bandages on your arm, neck, and eye. You see doctors trying to check you to see if you are alright, you nod at them and they lay a tray of food on the table and they leave. You are not hungry, but all you can think about is what was that creature
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Is it okay if I advertise my DISCORD Rp group Here?

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you have worked with animals since you were around 10. Now you work at a animal shelter in New York City. Today has been a slow day, no calls, no adoptions, and most of all no problems, until you finally get a call about a family of stray dogs in a alley near your house. You immediately go to your truck and drive to the alley you were told about. But as you get out you see a man holding a bloody baseball vat standing over a family of dogs, the mother and three puppies, they have been beaten to death. The man gets in his car and drives off before you can do anything. You hear a little whine as a puppy comes out of a box and walks up to the dead mother licking her and you realize the puppy is trying to wake up its mother.

(This Roleplay is based off a short animation call " A dog Family " by tony crynight)

Anyone wanna rp?

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I don't know where to put this
Zaccheo was a normal human with normal hardships, such as loss and bad luck, he had a job and was starting to see a girl he liked, but things turned bad when the girl he liked had a X - boyfriend that's unhappy about her seeing other people, this x happened to be someone that practice the dark arts which is why she left him

when he hears about her date with zaccheo he gets angry and enraged, while zaccheo is getting ready to meet up with her, he broke in at first he wanted to kill him, they both wrestled and fight, zaccheo tried to run as he gets out of the home the other male cursed him turning zaccheo into a horse, zaccheo runs feeling weird unaware what's happened

Weeks later))

(y/n) owned a few horses and recently your riding horse died so you're heading to a friend of your that's a breeder, but on your way there you see a beautiful black stallion walking along the side of the road, you couldn't pass this up, you pulled over and catch him putting him in the bed you where going to use to bring a different horse home but this one looked amazing
the next morning you'd see what this horse could do

Any Gender
Know a thing or two about horses
There's no way to reverse the spell so don't try to turn him back
You can be mean or very nice
And you can not put one word or line replies I will call them out

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