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Sky guardians are anteater-like creatures. They live in a kingdom. Finn, being the ruler, is in charge of anything bad that happens. He can demote any guardian if they go corrupt.

When a guardian goes corrupt they are completely changed. Their wings shed and turn into bat-like wings. Their fur turns darker too.

Corrupt guardians are sent to a small containment center, while some guards watch over them.

Guardians are meant to fly to different areas and watch over the environment. They take care of lost animals and very rarely take in lost or abandoned animals as their own.

When a guard feels threatened, they turn into a cloud of gas. The gas is a solid color. Usually the base color of the guardian.

Most guardians are assigned to one area, so their 3 options must be from the same area, except for rulers.

Since rulers watch over ALL animals they are given a random three.

When a guardian is born its symbol is a question mark. That is because their job is unknown!
Females only take the nurse position
Males only take the ruler position
Anyone can be a normal guardian
Anyone can be corrupt, even a ruler or nurse.

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