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I just received an email from Brian Stride with the following content. He's added a very useful compilation of the main events in the life and work of Bliss.
Please check it out!


I have uploaded a timeline of Charles’ life on the website:



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A highschool here in Göteborg Sweden providing special support for students with disabilities has made a couple of very nice videos about Bliss: One general presentation, and one promoting their request to Swedish educational authorities for the acceptance of a recognized educational language program for Blissymbolics. Found at:

Another complementary update of the BCI-AV for 2017 is now available at
In particular some English gloss and file name updates had been missed in the file libraries in the previous one, so please update these again if you've already downloaded some. And please also update your lexicon PDFs and spreadsheets!
A new separate Bliss-character documentation has been added.

This will be the last update of the BCI-AV from me on behalf of BCI. Tomorrow Thursday I will be ending my work as Board member and president of BCI, and also as the practical maintainer of these resources on behalf of BCI. I will however continue to maintain this resource page for some time, even though it will eventually cease to be the official BCI source of the Bliss lexicon.


Post has attachment This update October-November 2017 (see update history below) will however be the last one on behalf of BCI ...

Latest versions (2017-10-21 - 11-03) of WinBliss lexicon files, documentation, and exported file libs – containing the complete updated vocabulary (with BCI-AV numbers in the WinBliss, LibreOffice Calc and Excel spreadsheet files, and PDF printouts)

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* I am trying to find in BCI-AV all Bliss translations of the most common English words
* for example, there are 2 translations of the word "to" (+ 1 phrase beginning with "to" )

edited on November 30: the Karp lexicons are easier to use than my data table:,blisschar&compileOn=&search=extended%7C%7Cand%7CblissID%7Cequals%7Cto&compiledOn=&map=false

(the screenshot is related to my old post and I don't know how to delete the screenshot)

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Do you know about Lukasas ? (
More modern version based on Bliss would be beautiful, IMHO :)

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Just found the following site with different material that what I found previously.
The site:

A speech given by Charles Bliss in which he uses somewhat different bliss symbols which makes it for an interesting document I think:

Haven't yet explored the rest of that website!

I have a question for anybody part of the official BCI community - I've noticed that a number of the officially published words (that I have in PNG format) consist of symbols that individually are not officially published. Examples of these: rocket, rocking chair (rocking), website, wide, watch(to), cushion, Danish_(language), democracy, naughty, not_nice, electro_magnet, explorer, enquirer, eyeliner, kohl, find, possible, possibly, correctness, poetry, lose.

Is anyone able to propose adding the missing symbols to the published list, or pass this list onto someone that may be able to?

For context, I am trying to build a Bliss typing tool but in order to be able to write those words, the user needs to be able to type the symbols that make them up, which isn't possible using only the published symbols today.


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If it's interesting to others, this page is the keyboard I use to type Bliss!

Hi everyone, I'm new
I've been interesting on Blissymbols for few days
Where can I find a good book about them?
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