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Name: SnowAngel
Age: 3 months
Gender: Female
Personality: Werid, Crazy, Smart, Quiet, Playful
 The RP category: Animal RP
 Backstory: Oldest And Only One Who Live Out Of Her Brother’s And Sister's
Extras: Was Runt And Only One How Stayed alive out of the puppies and has aqua eyes

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Samantha And Dakota Where Sit On A Cliff Board One Day When You Walk Up

Samantha Was Walking With Dakota One Day Because They Where Board..

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Name: Samantha
Age: 12
Gender: Fee
Personality: Crazy, Funny, Somewhat Shy, Chocolate Lover, Kind And Caring
The RP category: MLP
Backstory: Unknown
Extras: She’s Made Fun of because she don’t have her cutie mark and she look different, Also Only One Born As A Princess In Her Family, Also Olny Princess Without Her Cutie Mark

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Name: Sammy
Age: 12
Gender: Fee (female)
The RP category: Human RP
Backstory: No One Knows Her BackStory
Extras: 50% Umbreon 50% Human Girl 100% Epic And Awesome can fly and has a lot of scarfs. also wears a hoody so that it will help hide some of the most umbreon things about her so that she’s not bullied more then she is… And So That People Only Make Fun Of Her Always Wearing A Hoody And Her Always Hiding In It and that her skin has a lot of spots on it other then that no one knows that she is 50% umbreon only her true friends knows

One Day Sammy Was Walking In The Wood Because Hunters Had Just Mess Up Her Home And She Had No Family She Never Had.. anyways she was hiding for the hunters and then something or someone fell in front of her! What Was It?

Does anyone know if you can make more then one charter in one RP Group Or Can You Only Have One Each RP?

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Name: Dakota
Age: 10 Moons
 Personality: Crazy, Somewhat annoying, awesome little brother, kind hearted, caring, and sweet
The RP category: Warrior
Backstory: Same As Samantha
Extras: Samantha’s Little Brother

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mah forrmmm .....
gender :female
personality:quirky ,carefree,friendly, bad when i have to be ,sarcastic and cool
catagory: human

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Name: kiba

Personality: sweet,kind,friendly , can get rude when annoyed
Category: human/cat RP

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