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Name Kahless the Unforgetable

Age 27

Class Pirate from the far East

Personallity Thinks much about himself, incredibly pridefull. Despises these Europen bastards. Quite sly with words
Not much else to say. He belives the key to winning a war is nor money nor army yet what brings you victory is tactic

Weapons and Armor
A quite decorated chestplate. Made out of hardened steel
A fearsome Skull helmet to bring fear in to the skins of enemies
Mail skirt covered by lether
Some leg armor

As a side weapon he has a rather long Saber in case of cutting down peasents
As a real weapon for combating knights he has a Great warhammer which is Perfect for busting the western knights
For longer range he uses a Crossbow yet he is not as skillee with it

Born in Persia from a wealthy famillyhe earned the respect of many with his famuos village and ship raids. Hardening trade of Persia's enemies
He went to the life of Piracy. As his job and source od wealth is Raiding cargo ships and small villages gaining great wealth

Height 182 cm
Weakness _Slightly too hard headed and not very skiller with long range weapons. Medicore swordsman*

Good amounts of money
A Relativly Big ship
A useless crew used only for sailling the ship and bringing cargo to it
if that is okay

18. 04. 2017.
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Adria's corsair sails into the docks gracefully. "Lower the anchor and sails! Change the flag!" She shouted at her ship mates. She walks away from the ship wheel to make sure everything is ready. "Sails lowered- Check. Anchor lowered- Check." She looks up and sees they didn't change the flag to a Mage Guild flag from their jolly rodger flag. "If you want something done you do it your self!" She scowled and climbs up to the crow's nest. Once she reaches the top she pulls a lever and the pirate flag changes to a mage guild flag. She jumps down a slides down the rope ladder.

Name: Adria Scifan
Age: 15
Weapons: A skull wand and twin cutlasses
Occupation: Pirate

What are the races

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"I don't run an army of nobodies. Each soldier has a name. A face. A story to tell. So don't go around telling me to put my men in the way of danger for no damn reason." ~ General Ward

Name: General Roman Ward

Age: 34

Gender: Male

Height: 6'2

Weight: 220

Class: General/Knight

- A hand and a half sword
- a long dagger
- a long bow

Born to a lower class noble family, he certainly had it easier than most. From a young age, he would sit in random places for hours and just sit there, watching and observing. He could then tell you all he saw from a month ago in the same spot. [WIP]

(I just wanted to get a shell up. I'll come back and flush it out later.)
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Name: Atkin Terric
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 190 lbs.
Occupation: Knight
Weapons: Longsword, Dagger
Bio: A knight from a distant land, Atkin is a personal knight to Ser Alexander the Zealous. He is extremely skilled in swordplay and prefers to spend most of his time dealing with problems in combat. Atkin is a charismatic, and brutal man.
(+Big Boss There)

May I become royal it has to do with a roleplay that I came up with

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Quote: "Ive Been Smithing Steel Since i was in Short pants" "Pls Mind my Son Lucan he's abit clumsy" "Smithing has been in my family for Generations Our Steel Always Gave us Victory in the war but we never get all the credit" "I May Be Old But im not afraid to get my axe and fight for what i Believe in"

Name:Magnus Frey



Wepons:Hammer & Axe

Bio:For Centries The Freys Have been Smithing for the Royal Family but now They Smith for anyone Magnus used to fight in the war but then he took a Sword to the Stomach and has been smithing for 37 Years
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Quote: "My Name is Lucan im the Apprentice around here" "Talk to my Father if you want something" "Its My Father you need to talk to i just make the Weapons and armor" "pls Dont disturb me i dont want to get my father upset again"

Name:Lucan Frey

Age:18 1/2


Weapons:Hammer & Dagger

Class:Blacksmith Apprentice

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