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name: stella

gender: mare

species: moth pony

friends: princess twilight and her other friends , ect.

family: mother name rosa, sister name selena, daughter name starlight , father name thorn

likes: hanging out with friends, drawing , flying around , eating sweet things , helping her friends out, ect

dislikes: being pick on of what she is, hates rude ponys , lossing things that belong to her mother, ect

home land: near evergreen forest were moth ponys live near water sources.

bio: i was just a little filly moth moving into pony ville where are home land we use to live has gone dry and there were not as much water were we can drink but the kind ruler of equstria offer us home , food, other places we can go to as we please and i met kind ponys on way , not so kind ponys when ever i was about to go into fight and blue pony with rainbow hair step in way to show bullies thing or two. that blue pony was rainbow dash who helped me get around and not to be ashamed of who i am and for that day on i will never forget the day i met her friends in ponyville.

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