What happened to this???

Is it my turn yet?

i have the collab, but cant do much until weekends. Jamjaq if you can finish quickly u can switch with me. pass is 696969 on vice2's account


Song: Infernoplex
Difficulty: Insane 8*

1 +GeometryDash Cynics 
2 +Jonathan Hsu// GDPichu (Cant tag my self ;3;)
3 +JamJaq GD 
4 (This Is a Decor Part) +Geometry Dash Carbide 
5 +- spectrum - 
6 +GMD Striker 
7 +Jin-Ho Park 
8 +GD JKORT363 
9 +Omar Mughal 
10 +Tommylomfomloms
11 +[GDI - TGD] XcyZek 
12 +Ryan Wright
13 +Geometry Dash VirtualVirus 
14 +rallin rhoden 
15 +Cjoli 69 
16 (This is a Decor Part) +RoBiHo GMD 
17 +OddExpert  (NeonRage)

+Geometry Dash VirtualVirus+Jonathan Hsu //GDPichu​ are now going to be added along with 1 other (I can't find him to tag)

We all get 1400 blocks and the decor ppl get 2000. Try to use 1350-1450. Thanks :3

I want non deco part

We need the last person to vote. We r tied (2 are fake)

GG Collab starting Jan 9th

+Ryan Wright​ u on hangouts? Please join hangouts and then we can add u to the group chat. Tnx m8o
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