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Constitution of the Federal Republic of TeamRussianRaiders

Constitution of 2018-Federal Republic of TrR
We the people of the Federal Republic of TeamRussianRaiders in order to form a Raiding Union.Warriors of the East to clean the filth of Google plus To serve and Protect our great nation Of The Federal Republic of TeamRussianRaiders.

Article 1:Bill of Rights

1.Freedom of Religon,Speech,And Opinions
2.Right to Overthrow a Leader,Governer,Kommandeer.
3.Right To Secede from TeamRussianRaiders if Granted.
4.Right to fair trial(No more unreasonable bans without notice by Leaders).

Article 2:Colonies,Cities,Territories and Provinces

1.Colonies have the right to Secede or Declare independence if Granted.
2.Provinces can secede or be regained by The Original Owner and have TeamRussianRaiders presence removed from that Province.
3.Cities can't secede without any reasoning(Ex.Tyrannical Leader)These cities will have to change name and create their own Armed Forces if Inactive occurs please Mod/Owner a TrR Leader.
4.Territories can't Secede with reason or without reason as these are controlled by the Kommandeer of TeamRussianRaiders

Article 3:Leadership

1.Leadership is only gained through Election or Promotionjust because your a Owner doesn't necessarily mean your a Owner of whole entire Federal Republic of TeamRussianRaiders.However If you lead a branch(Military,Government,)You lead that particular branch until your Elected or Promoted.
2.Leaders can also be Overthrown,And Rebellion can occur if A Leader is Tyrannical, or violates this Constitution they can been Removed threw Re-election or Banning.
3.Seccessionist can't be Banned or Removed because of polls,post,opinions or parties unlike the Party is using violence,Raids this is the only exception when removing any Secessionist.

Article 4:Independence
1.Colonies can declare Independence which TeamRussianRaider s presence(Flags,Leaders,Kaptains,Kommandeers will all be Removed)They can set a day for Independence(4th of July or Try Independence day 9th of October.however a Alliance can still be Effective.
2.Independence through war this is an option that we hope won't occur but if not granted Secession and declares war on TrR action will be taken.If the winner party is the Secessionist Independence is Granted if The Colonizer Repromotion of TeamRussianRaiders Leaders and Removal of the Active Leader.

Article 5.Protection of Personal Info
1.No innocent Member of TrR has be doxxed i including Enemies that haven't done anything wrong.If the doxxer is found they can Expect Ban or Removal from TRR.
2.Doxxing is only used against Enemies,Pedophiles and Nusiance.They can also be used as a weapon to Remove anything filth of Google+ but not a Against a Leader or Member.

I still remember this place lol

Am I the only one who still checks g+ for spicy memes?

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Hi how are ya

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Ally The Standard!

What's our next plan of attack?

Umm, are we now communists? Commie goverment?
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