I have a chromebook 2013. I flashed the coreboot. How do I revert to stock? Can I install chromium? Will having this bios.

Hello, I need help, I tried to flash networking motherboard FM-6H67 with Coreboot + Tianocore, but the motherboard goes into an endless reboot without signaling. How can I port Coreboot for this motherboard?


I have a Chromebook ASUS C302CA your script no see the microSD Card (in the slot of microSD)?

In the boot menu, no start installation of my Ubuntu :(

(I try the SD Card in another PC)

I install with these steps: http://www.fascinatingcaptain.com/blog/dual-boot-chrome-os-and-linux/

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I was looking at the coreboot git repo and it seems that you have added the Intel SGX support for it. Is it ready to use? May I know on which devices you have tested it? Thank you.

hi i am following mr chromebook instruction on faq to make linux mint bootable and typed in the script but it says sudo password i enter it and no password entry for user mkdir and can anyone sent me a screenshot what to type and how to use it on linux mint because i keep getting it wrong

how do you get linux on chromebook.

do i have to follow this page for uefi https://mrchromebox.tech/#fwscript

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What I like to ask. Is that possible to upgrade my existing coreboot BIOS (Acer C720) to fix suspension problem, using ubuntu's own repository (ubuntu software or Synaptic Package manager).

A step which would reduce the risk of bricking the system.?

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I'm developing my own arm board, the name of the project is Wakame.

My board is essentialy a 15cmx15cm pcb wich contains an Allwinner A13 soc, wich i have mated with an onboard usb hub (2507), an onboard usb to ethernet adapter, an another ic wich takes the r,g,b groups of 6 pins/bits of the A13 and makes a svga signal for enabling the usage of normal pc displays. The power source ic is the AXP202.

i have implemented all the ic's by means of the reference docs and datasheets.

What i want to achieve with this is a basic purpose arm computer wich can be able to boot from an usb hard disk and or usb cd/dvd unit. I'm working towards the very first physical prototpe, but yet i have no firmware for it. I actually wish to find out if Coreboot could be built for the kind of computer i'm describing in this message, as rom i'm using a flash ic wich fits in the flash pins of the A13 where other projects places an sd card with the image system. I actually would like to have a firmare like olpc, new world apple macs and , should be i correct, sun machines do.

Should coreboot be what i'm looking for, i wish to find out how should i build it on a pc running Fedora, since it's my first time ever building such a critical part of a system.

You can find information about my project here:


it is an altium 2009 workspace containing all my work.

I wish to thanks you for your help.
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