What I like to ask. Is that possible to upgrade my existing coreboot BIOS (Acer C720) to fix suspension problem, using ubuntu's own repository (ubuntu software or Synaptic Package manager).

A step which would reduce the risk of bricking the system.?

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I'm developing my own arm board, the name of the project is Wakame.

My board is essentialy a 15cmx15cm pcb wich contains an Allwinner A13 soc, wich i have mated with an onboard usb hub (2507), an onboard usb to ethernet adapter, an another ic wich takes the r,g,b groups of 6 pins/bits of the A13 and makes a svga signal for enabling the usage of normal pc displays. The power source ic is the AXP202.

i have implemented all the ic's by means of the reference docs and datasheets.

What i want to achieve with this is a basic purpose arm computer wich can be able to boot from an usb hard disk and or usb cd/dvd unit. I'm working towards the very first physical prototpe, but yet i have no firmware for it. I actually wish to find out if Coreboot could be built for the kind of computer i'm describing in this message, as rom i'm using a flash ic wich fits in the flash pins of the A13 where other projects places an sd card with the image system. I actually would like to have a firmare like olpc, new world apple macs and , should be i correct, sun machines do.

Should coreboot be what i'm looking for, i wish to find out how should i build it on a pc running Fedora, since it's my first time ever building such a critical part of a system.

You can find information about my project here:


it is an altium 2009 workspace containing all my work.

I wish to thanks you for your help.

Unfortunately I bricked my chromebook C710-2856 using the coreboot-parrot-seabios-windows-27102013.rom. I note that in a post from May 8, 2014 it was stated that you can boot off a USB stick with Fedora. Does this allow you to reflash to the original ROM which I backed up? Otherwise can someone recommend an up-to-date guide using a Raspberry pi to reflash this unit ? Thanks.

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Achievement Unlocked: Load Tianocore (CorebootPayloadPkg) on Ron Minnich's laptop at the coreboot convention

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coreboot convention!
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Coreboot 4.4 with lots of new stuf!

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A German article that talks (among other things) about how BSI (German Federal Office for IT Security) supports coreboot.

how to get started in coreboot
can Coreboot help with Microcontroller and SOC
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