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Casa Aquamarine villa is a Honeymoon paradise, romantic isolated exclusive beach. The bay is beautiful, perfect for snorkelling, kayaking or just floating around. Soliman Bay is one of the most kept secrets on Tulum(Mexico)...http://www.casa-aquamarine.com/general-informations

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Bahia Soliman is peaceful, beautiful, relaxing, idyllic beach place in Mexico. Couples and families come to Soliman Bay to avoid the pace of mainstream tourism and enjoy the simple pleasures of sun, sea, and sand on an uncrowded, semi-private beach...http://www.casa-aquamarine.com/general-informations

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(Resign up so I can add what the necklace Ice wears looks like)

Name: Ice
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Parents: unknown
Type: Sky pony
Eye color: light orange red
Hair Color: Silver
Talent: Elaborate prank designer
Job/Occupation: owns a shop that sells various pranks and prank design plans
Likes: Chaos, anything scary, Violence (As long as it does not involve death), pranking, flying
Dislikes: peace (To some extent), people who think they are better than him, 
Crush: Looking
Extra: Wears a crystal quartz necklace that's magical and acts like a unicorns horn. The crystal quartz necklace although magical, uses chaos magic instead  of normal regular magic. It has immense power that rivals Discords. Even though it is all powerful there is a drawback to it. His body rejects the magic, so it literally kills him if he uses it too much at a time. There is one acceptation however to that and that is when there is already chaos happening. It does not take the effects away fully, but takes some of the strain off.
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Duke Rebel wanders the palace in his armor, his mane flowing freely as he refuses to wear the helmet of Luna's personal guard. He eventually makes it to the courtyard and sighs Why did Princess Luna request that I come here in my armor....?

My story https://docs.google.com/document/d/1oNORkt3zal4OltjdLSZPgaTpvV7dlguuhIOXT3tZRJI/edit#

Hey I'm currently writing a story for my friend. She loves MLP and wanted a story and she's paying me for it so if it's ok, can you comment on this and maybe see what you think of it so far?


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Is it just me, or is Lil' Miss Rarity hot as hell >:) ?

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At the vet

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Looks at you Ocean?
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