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Alright people, here is the template :

Sexual Orientation
Birthplace (Either could be Ellesmere or something else)
Aura (Life Aura, Inner Power Aura, Stamina Aura, Fire Aura, Frost Aura, Shadow/Chaos Aura Light Aura, you can have two of each)

You can have Three to Five Profiles, you can update them as much as you want, you can only make two for starting, if one does, you can make another one, but your limit is five profiles

Well. Let's just say Rime's time in Ellesmore has been... Rather odd. Strolling down the sidewalk he doesn't have a direction. He just walks. Though after a bit he stops his traveling, letting out a few deep breaths as he leans against a light post. His eyes dare to look around, not quite knowing what they were looking for. Then his pupils meet another's from across the street. They both freeze, not moving an inch.

Chathra is sitting in a tree messing around with her knives.... she knows that she can't help what she is and that to find a way could be deadly..... she knew the risks and she had the spell ready... she opened her mouth to say the first words.... but someone burst out on a horse causing her to stop and look at thr person

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So, I'm gonna reuse an idea of mine from awhile ago for my Ocs, if that's alright.

(After you evaluate my Oc, would you mind to pick the image that you personally think matches him the most?)

Name: Rime (yes, that's how it's spelled) Cooper

Age: ...

Gender: Male.

Race: Human.

Sexual Orientation: Doesn't care too much. He falls for who he falls for.

Alias: None yet.

Birthplace: A small city called Azure Wallow, has been gone for a very lengthy amount of time yet remembers everything about the area. Poor as it was, it brought people round' with its luscious streams full of pure water and its ice towers, ancient runes transcribed onto their surface that seemed to be in a long forgotten tongue. The buildings were small. The rich were barely distinguished among the poor, most of them extremely humble and generous. Many were once laborers and knew the struggles. Rime originally belonged to one of said laboring families, living near one of the most tourist achieving ice towers. His happiest memories are aligned with this place, and whenever he takes any kind of pain the man thinks back to it. Usually to the holidays, where the place truly shined, full of celebrations and wonderful festivities.

Abilities: Can use some of... Her... "Gifts"...

Weapons: Hasn't ever really been in a situation where he could use any.

Personality: Quiet, humble. Can appear cold as ice yet truly isn't. Most of the time. He's extremely fearful to be out of line, given his... Situation. His mind is where he spends most of his time, thinking of responses yet not saying them. Apologizing despite not being allowed to. He regrets everything bad he has been forced to do. Has learned over time to shut his mouth, not to let his input emerge. Yet he is a good person on the inside. Wants to leave what forces him to be who he currently is.

Aura: A frosty, white substance faded from the tentacle-like appendages of the blurred and unidentifiable pitch black aura, chaos reigning as unidentifiable symbols swirled around in the darkness. Everything that was, and will happen during the man's lifetime was there, unreadable to anyone. WIthin it's tainted depths. Nearly anyone at least... And all of that... Thing surrounded him during his every waking moment. Visible only to certain eyes. (Choas and Frost Aura.)

Bio: ...


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This one looks pretty... -Supernatural-.
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This one's pretty gritty...

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Constantine is readying himself with to go to a Royal Ceromony with his Wife, Ellie, he decided to take carraige there then on Horse or foot, the two dressed very nicely for this event, They were given an invite from the Queen of Lochurst, who favored his skills in killing beast and his title as a Hunter, Constantine had also called a carraige to get them there, the carraige pulls up, and the two get on, riding thier way to Lochurst

((Closed for +MissyWithAGun Avant))

Alright Guys, im going to need you all to make new characters (ill tell you why in a min) except for the following ;

+Resu Kim and +MissyWithAGun Avant (And yea, i didnt forget about you Nick, your character including Elijah can stay, and Nick really cant die, but Old Man is a primary source in this event, i'll explain in the plot i drawn. Now her's the plot

(Please Read carefully)

After several years has past in the old city of Ellesmere, the day has finally come, the Blood Moon will finally emerge from which, which is the sign that Lucifur finally comes to spread darkness onto all under it, this act is known as Lucifer's Act, in which all darkest of the world are unleashed on humanity, From this affect everyone in Ellesmere goes mad because they believe its the end times, some believe its the Wrath of God, in which you can see some begging for thier souls tobe saved out on the streets, some took this as a cult,and started worshipping the Blood Moon, the rest were gone gone mad, and started to kill each other, only a handfull of people survived along side the Cultist who worshipped the moon, later on, there was a reason for their mental state, all the people that went mad began to turn into Blood-Thirsty beast, and obtained the werewolf like structure, but in Humanoid body like structure, mostly a hairy beast walking around with both two feet, However, the rest of the people that survived hid in Town's Clinic, with some being treated with the effects from the Fall, some even underground, some in thier homes, locked away from the outside, As or Hunters, it was Kill or be Killed, though very cruel since they were forced to kill their own townsmen, the City Folk that were alive roamed the city streets, killing anyone who either were Hunter gear (since of course now they think of them as Murderers) or other Beast lingering around, which of course, were burned at the stake, for all of Ellesmere to see (Quite a few of these east were burned at the stake) which also meant for any Demons, or even Vampires, no matter what you do, they will not stop until they kill every beast in the city, since they gates were unguarded and yet beast started lingering from having to fight off the all the Civilians who went mad/insane,some had to be put in the Winchestin Asylum, which was located West from Ellesmere, but it wasnt enough to put everyone in the city, Hunters were left with no choice, Either stay out and fight, or stay inside doors outside from everyone Afflicted, some now notify this as a Second Coming as far as it goes with the Church built by Lunar Cultist (people who worshiped the Blood Moon). The City of Ellesmere has truly fallen, and now, soon, all of them will be dining with their ancestors

Alright, so theres the plot for this, now, heres why i need you to make new characters, because these characters will die, before you fuss over it, let me explain how this is all rolled out ;

For one, Everyone in the sequence never happens, Leo, Sora and Chathra never die (Leina dosent die either, she is technically already dead), You see (and im revealing this to you guys because we worked on this together) This is technically all inside Costantine's head, as for a fact he died as well, but no one
else did, Right now, Constantine is in a coma you can say, if that is classified as he is dead, but is trapped in a nightmare, before you flip out, this is clearly impossible to dream while your dead, but an Unknown Entity, Known as the Night Queen traps his spirit in his own nightmare, in which Constantine actually almost forgets himself and everyone else around him, which luckily for him he was able to manifest his Spirit Essence or Spiritual Essence, which gave him his memories back, there were two affects from this Nightmare, One of them which he couldnt use Fire Aura, which was best used when killing beast, he wasnt able to manifest the use of bending Fire unless he sought his Fire Spite (No, not the drink, look up the word). The second affect was that he was under control of someone else, of course the Night Queen, who had put him there, from this, the only thing he was able to do was bend the rules, and if he needed to, he'd use it against her, however, before he could even think to do so, she stated that she is only trying to help Constantine, though it was hard to see since she put him in a hell hole, at this point, Constantine didnt even know if he was dead or alive, if everything was real or fake, still confused, Constantine didnt care, as he saw the streets welling with Flesh hungry beast, driven to help his comrads, he faces the rough challenges that lie ahead of him, in the end, Constantine faces Lucifer as to killing him to free the "World" (still in the Nightmare) from Darkness, using his Elder sister's sword, The Holy Blade

Last thing to know hear is how everyone will play their part, if you dont like it, i wouldnt mind if you made your own part, so here we are ;

Leofrick is afflicted with the disease, turning into one of the beast himself, while his brother is still right, there are only two things left, Either Constantine kills his brother, or Leo kills him, either way it went, Constantine has to kill him, as his brother dosent want to kill his brother, so Leo forces Constantine to kill him, not being able to kill his brother, the spread of the disease finally hits his head, Leo turns into a beast, in result, forcing Constantine to have to fight his brother to the death, thats if he makes it out alive

Another one could be that Leo plain out committed Suicide to stop the spread of the Accused Disease, and from harming any other person while

Chathra is eventually hunted by the Crazed, Blood-driven Townsman, she is then captured, and is burned at the stake, Another one would be that she died saving the little girl Constantine found beyond the wall

Resu is not killed, but is lost within the city, she will have to fend for her own untill her brother finds her, which Constantine attends on doing after fighting his brother

Elaine, Ellie is mysteriously captured by the Cardinals, from this point on, The Cardinals seems to have lost their minds, and had became Afflicted with the Disease, making them completely insane, with their sanity level low, they decide to Sexually Abuse her, by striping her clothes off (of course not her panties or bra) what they then attend on doing to her is killing her, and then eating her flesh, as it was seen in the East Chapel where the Cardinals reside, she would be to see a bunch of half eaten corpeses, some which even being skeletons, Constantine is alerted by her screaming voice, which rushes him to save her from The Cardinals, however, from this affect, he is forced to kill The Cardinals to save his wife, thus he does, and in results, The Streets goes teeming with all kinds of beast, now lurking along about the city, with the Cardinals slayn, the Bridge Barrier is down, causing all the beast from outside the Wall to come inside the walls, now with beast teeming through the streets

Last but not least, Sorax and Constantine are fighting the scourge, yet they cant fight them all off at once, Constantine goes to direct the people into Townsmen Clinic, so they can hide from the beastly men driven by blood thirst, to make sure they dont scatter about the city, a moment passes in the waking night, Sorax seems to be fighting to many, thus he is over powered by the Flesh-hungry townsman, thus resulting into the the Townsmen ripping his flesh piece by piece untill there is nothing left, Constantine would go in to help, but he came to late, Constantine was ashamed of himself for not be able to help his partner and best friend, thus he throws out in a rage, killing all of them one by one, to evenge his fallen Comrade

Alright that settles it, for now, if you have any questions or concerns, please let me know, Thanks Guys

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What the Night Queen looks like in the Dream State (Right) What the Night Queen looks outside the Dream State (Left)
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Name: Evelyn Snow
Age: 25
Race: human
Sexual Orientation: strait
Alias: none yet
Birthplace: Ellesmere
Weapons: weapons of an assassin and a revolver
Aura: Frost Aura, Shadow
personality: Evelyn is a simple girl who wants to help, but has been trained to kill none stop unlike a hunter. As a young girl she learned to play the flute and pan flute, she also speaks Latin. she is resourceful, kind and smart, she tends to get over her head when she fights.
Bio: when she was a young girl she was sent away from the town to live with her grandfather who truly wanted her dead, but after she realizes this she goes back to Ellesmere with his head in her hand. she see's what has happened to the town and keeps a look out for anyone to ask about what has happened to the town. she does not know anyone there and has no idea what has happened
sorry if it is stupide

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What the Ellesmere looks like
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Chathra sneaks out of the estate and heads to a place just out side of town. She keeps her head down and thinks about the questions she is going to ask him
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