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Yay! Go us! Final script is up on the google doc and currently rendering the video with the time changes.

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i added the new stuff :)

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Hey guys, 
i looked into materials for the foundations (hows it not going to slip into the sea?) as well as the path and the canopy shading. 
heres what i got: 
More Materials -

Raft Foundation
using bubble-deck system. 
foundation of rubber balls encased in steel cages, with concrete poured into it to create the structure. 
easy to install and remove. 
Eco-friendly concrete alternative that can be used = concreate (which doesnt emit CO2 in it s construction) 

Concreate panels (predominantly made of Magnesium Oxide) can be used to create the path.  – which is then covered in eco-grip flooring material. This type of flooring is heat resistant, puncture proof and slip-proof as well as made from recycled post-industrial PVC.

canopy- style awning
also eco-friendly heavy duty hemp fabric used

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I'm thinking about using steel as a structure of the chair? Because steel is during since we will be placing the tunnel at the beach for a long period of time, and use those materials(hemp fabric,link in last post) for the actual thing that we sit on it?

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on climate change as a whole and the tourist industry at Bondi
Bondi Beach:

surf life saving club 
- first one in the world established at bondi
- inspired the show ‘Bondi Rescue’ 
- important to the construction of the australian identity
perhaps the tunnel could be the first step towards making environmental consciousness and proactive intervention against climate change part of the national identity of australia,_1940s_to_1960s.pdf
- site for social change
- fight against the restriction of women’s beach wear
- a place of firsts and a cultural/social battleground
- its significance to our national identity
- perfect place to interrupt people’s complacency towards climate change.,_of_course!
- first Australian beach to offer free wifi (26th November this year)

- 2 million visitors a year

Helps contribute to Australia’s  $39 billion tourist industry (2014 report)
includes international and domestic tourism
Tourist industry in Australia provides 543, 600 jobs

with sea-level rise being an international issue that effects the entire coastline, climate change threatens to destroy one of Australia’s most important environmental assets and tourist economies.

- 85% of Australians live along the coastline
- rising sea level threatens 39 000 residential properties
- increase in sea level will also cause an increase in cases of extreme weather – e.g high tides and storm surges, once occuring every few years, will be expected every few days in 2100. 
- ‘Australia will experience a roughly 300-fold increase in flooding events’ The Australian Government’s department of Environment website. 

hey i have a quick question: 
Would the video cameras and projectors and microphones be permanently on? or switch off after 5 minutes - like if the sensors dont pick anyone up...

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This website is basically telling about a company using hemp fabric,  sustainable textiles and variety of organic fabrics as the materials to produce different products for example canvas (things we are looking for), all of the products are made by organic sources. And this company have already produces numbers of finished products to over 70 countries around the world. So it should be reliable to use the materials they provided. 
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