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This is a bug that eats the passion leaf and can destroy the vines if not prevented.
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I would like to start by inviting you that is really interested to know more about how to grow passion fruit. If you have any question just send me text.

Eu gostaria de começar esta comunidade convidando você, que gosta de Maracujá, a plantar sua própria vinha. Se você tiver alguma pergunta e só escrever.
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"Taste the Passion" is our slogan.
That means I am really passionate about developing and bringing this tropical fruit to our modern urban landscape.
Since it is a vine, it can climb basically anywhere and decorate your fence, walls, trellises. You name it.
Don't forget that it also can bring healthiness, specially the yellow kind - the one that I am specializing my self with. I am adding some links to this post where you can find fresh pulp and soon the hardy cold vines.
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