in house working on some killer moves for my band with my bass guitar

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Name: Chastity Hills

Job: traveling musician

Age: 17

Likes: partying, listening to music, playing on bass, hanging out with friends, changing my appearance alot and meeting new people and writing lyrics. playing music on streets.

Dislikes: thiefs, uptight people, and boring music

Bio: shy sometimes, moved here trying to start a professional business in music, hardworking and goes to school. I change my appearance sometimes by putting on wigs or dying my hair or with makeup making beauty marks and puts on contacts or tanning myself. But sometimes the street I stay my natural self all the other stuff is for emergency use only or for play. Has a secret power (shhh).
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help make us a huge hit

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Name:doctor forbit
Personality:calm smart cunning quick charming,and trust worthy,sometimes a back staber and distant
Likes:being alone working on his invention/potions money and helping people out
Dislikes:assholes,people who interrupt with his work and relationships
Bio:was a smart kid graduating from collage at the age of 15 he found an interest formula in a sheet of paper at a lab he was visiting and it contained the formula to give immortality to the one you drinks it but he found out you need a human heart so he killed his brother and maid the potion and drank it he became immortal but he realized what he had done and looked for a way to revers it in a panic he went to see a witch doctor but instead of helping him she stabbed him in the back took his heart then when he got back to his house he maid a machine heart and now since he has a mechanical heart he has no feeling of grief and works as a assassin seeking revenge and still looking for the antidote for his immortality

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(trigun? Somone to roleplay as Vash? im the orange haired girl) this was her plan, she had to do it......She had to get the reward or it was all over for her....She had to take Vash the stampede in, it was her last resort. All she had to do was find him and she was home free! Once she found him she could dispose of him quickly get the money and go there! there Vash was sitting outside the bar eating something........Is that a doughnut!? she asked herself quietly backing up and getting ready to charge in and take him down, instead she bumps into  a huge thug like looking man and in turn he bumps into one of his friends 
Thug 1: and whos this?
Thug 2 : oh wow shes cute! I say we take her and make her our pet!
Thug1: good idea! Come here lttle girl we wont hurt you
she became extremely frightened and rushed out of her hiding place the thugs chasing after her, she began crying while she ran S-STOP LEAVE ME ALONE PLEASE!!!!!!
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likes:music purple
dislikes:to be around a lot of people
bio:shy some times friendly mean at times like to have fum hates to be bored

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Name:Geulimja San-Yung (Without Sang Yung That Means Shadow In Korean)
Job:I Fix Robots And Other Things And I Also Build Weapons
Likes:Running,Building,Lost Things,Video Games,Computers,Robots,Reading
Dislikes:Being Hit,Being Bullied,Going Insane
Personality:Insane At Times,Fun,Weird,Unique,Difrent,Has Lots Of Skill In Language.
Bio:I Defend Everybody Im Jolly Im Happy But In The Insde I Wish People Understood Me And Wiped My Tears At Times. She Can See And Talk To Ghost (Ill Make Ghost Profile Later)
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Name: Elsword
Age: 15
Gender: Male 
Job: Going on Quest that people give me
Likes:Nice people, Battles, New People, Going on Quest,and more
Dislikes: Bullies and Mean People
Bio: I'm normally the type of person that's fun to be around and i like having company but when you piss me off or Bully anyone i will kick your ass 
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