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Just a quick note that may help someone out. I had a hell of a time getting the camera to come online... took me forever to figure out the camera module shipped with its onboard connector detached. Once this was pressed into place everything worked as expected. Just letting you know.

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Great, I'm now conversing with a cardboard box.

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Why does HR need a Chatbot?

If you are like most companies, you have long documents and a lot of information posted online or in some instances no information anywhere at all. When your employees have questions about things such as vacation policy they have to go read these documents or ask your HR team. In both of these situations your employee or HR team is wasting time on basic tasks.

A “simple” chatbot can help you reduce this waste and give your employees an engaging way to get information. We add “simple” here because more robust chatbots can replace processes such as on boarding or even link into your vacation system to let employees know how many vacation days they have remaining.

Coming back to a simple bot, here is an example:

The best part about a chatbot is that the employee may ask the question in many different forms: What’s the vacation policy? Tell me the vacation policy? How many vacation days do we get? Through natural language processing the bot will be able to answer the question.

What happens when the chatbot cannot answer a question?

There will be instances when a chatbot cannot answer a question. In these circumstances two things happen:

1. The chatbot will ping an HR person letting them know there is an employee that needs help. The employee will also be notified that the HR team will respond shortly to them.

2. The chatbot will be trained to answer that question in the future, so the next time this question is asked there will be an answer!

Why chatbots?

Overall chatbots offer a way to engage employees in a more humanized manner. It reduces the cost of your team having to answer repetitive questions while still maintaining a personal touch. Don’t think of a chatbot as an end all answer machine but something that can automatically answer as much as 90% of your repetitive questions over time.

Hi everyone, I am new to AIY Project. However, I managed to voice command to turn on/off my light bulb in a funny way.

In my previous post I mentioned that I had modified Google's Raspbian image to before I wrote it to the SD card.

I did this because I generally work from laptops, I don't keep keyboard and mice hanging around and I needed to get the two Google API generated JSON files onto the card.
As there is only one data usb on the Pi Zero, which would be used for the WiFi dongle, I couldn't use a USB stick without a USB hub.
I could have used SSH and wget'd a zip file but I didn't want to put those two files online in order to do that.
As part of the setup process I needed to enable SSH and setup the WiFi by modifying the cmdline and config files on the boot partition anyway, so I added the JSON files to the image and just wrote it and not have further messing about.

A big limiting factor is that I am relatively new to Raspberry Pi's and Linux in general, so it is very much a trial and error process for what can and can't be edited at various states.

My original goal was to put the API JSON files in their correct folder, /pi in the image. As you can't access the Raspbian OS partition in OSX I booted up a Virtual Machine.
In a VM running Ubuntu I opened the image from the host machine via a shared folder.
This allowed me to access the Raspbian OS where I quickly found out that I cannot modify the contents as I don't have permissions... I should have thought of this before hand.
Instead I put the files in the boot partition and while there I also edited the cmdline to enable ethernet over USB, and config file to setup the WiFi connection.
I also dropped in a .SSH file to enable SSH on the Pi.

Once the image was written to the SD card I popped it into the Zero, inserted the usb WiFi dongle and plugged in the power.
It booted up connected to the wifi and using SSH I installed x11vnc, then moved the JSON files from the boot to /pi folder and I was off to the races.

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Over the weekend my daughter and I set about making the Raspberry PI Voice kit from the latest MagPi (issue 57).

My daughter is three and a half and got a big kick on the arts and crafts side of it.
Paper and felt cut and glued to the cardboard case, some trimmed felt, googly eyes feathers and glue.... and done!

I used an original zero with a usb WiFi dongle.
It was a pain in the ass to setup as I work from laptops and don't keep a keyboard and mouse at home. It was a bit of convoluted process to modify Google's Rasbian image but I mounted it in Ubuntu modified the cmdline and config files, enabled SSH and dropped the JSON credentials into the boot partition.
When it had booted SSH'd into it, setup the VNC and then proceeded as normal.
Then moved the JSON files into the PI folder.
Restarted and all done!

My little one gets such a kick out of punching the little button and asking questions.
'how do you spell dolly' was the first one.
She even asked 'what's the weather tomorrow' before bed!

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