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The company collects and leverages information from the Internet in order to assist government agencies and business entities in gathering information about people, subjects, candidates, and mapping the personality profile, connections, experience, personal tendencies, political tendencies, etc.' And provides a detailed report on all the parameters required by the ordering customer.

The resulting report serves as a key tool for getting acquainted with the investigated person / candidate and evaluating his suitability for a new job or used for mapping employees / respondents in senior positions or in strategic positions.

In terms of security, for sure there is no need to explain the importance of knowing the worker / candidate in the workplace, especially in sensitive places such as strategic enterprises, senior government positions or even employees at airports, ports, trains etc..

In the civil sphere too, it is very important to familiarize employees, especially employees who are assigned to senior positions. The losses to companies each year as a result of unspecialized and incomplete classification of the candidates are of high amounts, but not only it is a financial loss, but also business aspects, customer relationships, reliability, turnover, loss of trust among customers, suppliers and other employees. The accumulated damage is mainly economic and entails unnecessary expense and damage to reputation and business.

Our solution is based, as mentioned, on the collection and mining of information by various means and methods in order to formulate a full, 360* picture and submit a full profile of a candidate, by scanning both visible and accessibility sites.

The company is unique in its ability to collect all the information from all existing sources, providing answers in many major working languages, in addition to Hebrew and English, such as Russian, Arabic and, if necessary, German, Spanish, Portuguese and French.

All employees are graduates of the security and intelligence community and have expertise in the field.

The emphasis is on professionalism, quick and efficient response, discretion throughout the process of collecting, transferring information and reporting.

All activity is legal in accordance with the Protection of Privacy Law and the Equal Employment Opportunity Law. No illegal information is collected or delivered, no illegal activity is performed.
We will be happy to meet and present our capabilities.
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