Any reaction to the Together show? I was happy to see it featured. It is unfortunate, but Evernote is just not evolving in the right directions, I am afraid. This could be a potential alternative.

I have found a new obsession. I used to watch Don's tutorials and scour his menu bar looking for what apps he was using. Now, I find myself checking out his media library to see which albums that I have and which ones I'd like to get.

(I really do need to get a hobby, I guess.)

A question about moving music from one machine to another.

My wife bought a new MacBook Pro. Her old Macbook Pro is starting to have issues. I can still access files and there is also a Time Machine backup.

She put a lot of her CDs onto her old Mac. What is the best way to move them to the new machine?

Alison! Brilliant screencasts on Webcam settings especially! I have a 920C and had heard so many horror stories about Mavericks not supporting it that I did not upgrade for some time. I had heard about webcam settings but it sounded too technical. Your screencast sets my mind at rest and as you Americans would say what a 'neat' price. Thanks again.
Ron Bailey

Apple Remote Desktop App & MacMini
I'm not familiar with *Apple Remote Desktop App* (there's an SCO show about it which I watched some time ago now).

Question: Is it possible to fully set up and use a MacMini with Apple Remote Desktop App? (I have no independent monitor and I don't wish to purchase any, at least for the moment).

Note: I used to plug my MacMini into my iMac but things became complicated when I prepared the MacMini for sale. I had to revert to its factory's settings (different version of Mac OS X). At that point, the MacMini stopped "talking" to my iMac's screen... 
I'm not sure Apple Remote Desktop App could have solved this problem.
Please, let me know — in case I decide to go for another MacMini now.

Any plans to do do a screencast tutorial on Drafts 4 for iOS? This app could be very powerful, but I don't yet have the know how on how to harness its full potential. 

Has anyone figured out a strategy to access a Photo's library from multiple Mac profiles? I would like my wife to be able to view and edit in Photos on her mac using the same library I use on my MacBook Pro.
Maybe I need an external hard drive to use for the Photos system library . . .

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I’ve been using the new MacBook for various tasks – nothing too arduous, just general computing tasks and it’s been well up to the job. Recently, I had the opportunity to record the local Dance School show at a  local theatre, just to allow parents to…

Anyone got any recommendations for personal finance apps both on the Mac App Store and IOS devices? I have 'Money' from a Macheist bundle... And have also spotted iBank which seems to be the leader in this field? Any comments welcome! :)

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Hi Don, I've just joined SCO and so far I am enjoying the info immensely. I have looked through the existing tutorials and I don't see much on note taking apps such as Notability, Upad3, or Notebooks. Do you use anything like these and are you planning any reviews or tutorials on them? I have attached a link to imore's longer list of note taking apps.Thanks, Phil
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