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It's gone a bit quiet in here! I'm not promoting this as much as I used to so it's probably my fault. I'll keep the community open, but will visit only occasionally.

The best place to get responses or ask questions on specific shows is on the actual show page on the ScreenCastsOnline website.

Where'd everyone go?? 17 weeks since the last post!

Anyone using Cubby for syncing, and have any suggestions for what to use to replace it? I haven't found any other service that offers direct sync like Cubby has. I use it to keep my iMac and MBP files in sync with each other.

There are other storage and cloud services, but none seem to offer the features Cubby has, including the higher tier LogMeIn, which is what my Cubby account would migrate into.

Thanks for any input,

Thanks Todd. What a great screenflow. I've had Hazel but hardly used it for ages. Katy Floyd's applescript opens a door for me. I shall certainly try this one.

+Don McAllister - If I read or heard correctly, you now have a Slack channel. I like the notion, however, it seems like you might be spreading yourself thin between G+ and now this. No?

On a related note, it seems you are getting input from somewhere regarding what applications to produce shows for. Is that primarily coming from emails? If so, I would love to see you direct folks to a member-viewable/public area where folks can vote.

Does anyone else experience Safari downloading a quarter of the way, then hanging for about 30 seconds before it finishes? Doesn't happen in Chrome ...

+Don McAllister - Some questions:

Are chapter stops something we will see soon on the SCO Members App (Apple TV)?

Any update on the development of the SCO Members App (iOS)?

Would you be willing to offer members the opportunity vote on upcoming episode topics?

I noticed "Tutorial History" featured on the SCO website does not record the episodes viewed through the SCO Members App (Apple TV). Any chance this will change in the future?

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Podcast ‘Escriure amb un Mac’
Nou episodi: “EM46. Aplis integrades”
Presento (sense àudio) una llista lliure d’aplicacions que tenen versió per als dos sistemes operatius, OS X i iOS. Amb aquest episodi i l’anterior, es comprova que el camí cap a la integració dels dos sistemes operatius avança, tot i que encara queda molt camí per recórrer.

Vimeo: #EscriureambunMac #iOS #OSX

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I have been using ScreenFloat ( for several years, but it seems as though it breaks drag/drop in El Capitan. Can folks chime in on what screenshot tool you currently use?

About TextExpander and its new subscription model, there's something I haven't read anywhere yet: text expansion is a nice tool to have, but it doesn't compare with other key services such as an internet provider and website hosting, the Adobe Creative Cloud or Dropbox's cloud storage and similars.

I mean: if anything, TextExpander 6 should be a lot cheaper than the 20 GB iCloud sttorage, which is 99 cents per month.

Does anyone agree?
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