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I have 434 meetings with myself throughout the year. Here they all are...

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I started using GTD in my Bullet Journal and I really enjoy how the two integrate. Have you tried going analog with your GTD system?

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Major Problem Solving #TechniquesandTips.

Let’s admit the fact that we all face tough situations in our daily lives. While many people shy away from this fact to claim that they are flawless in their work, at least at the start of a new task we do face problems. Problem solving is a tough phase but we need to make it as smooth as possible without terming it impossible so that it can get on your nerves.

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Found today a briliant #webapp   for whiteboard. Create the wanted Kanban or GTD background use it like post it. #lean    #gtd    #teamwork 

Hi everyone I'm new to the gtd concept, I use a bullet journal and also +Todoist​​.

Can you give me an easy exercise to start applying easy to use gtd concepts in the #bulletjournal for example?  Baby steps would be do helpful. The 43 folders sounds so complex.. 

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I have never thought about tracking my roles in Omnifocus! I think this is a great idea.
Roles bridge the gap between your plans for your life and your plans to make it through the day. Here’s how to set them up in OmniFocus.

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Hi there, #GTD ers! This book's principles are a great complement to Getting Things Done methodology. It's a quick read, so if you want to join us tomorrow for the discussion, please grab a copy and join us! Our next call is 10/11 to cover the second half of the book as well.
Hi, #productivity  folks! Join us tomorrow at noon Eastern for our first discussion (1st 1/2 of the book) for Monday Morning Choices by David Cottrell! Click over to the site for details. Looking forward to having you on the call!

Thought to repost this here to see what opinions I could gather.  

I have been considering getting back onto the GTD bandwagon, and I am looking for advice on what type of "Trusted System" I should integrate into my workflow.  My gut instinct immediately directed me toward Omnifocus because it has strong ties to David Allen's system and is a native mac application.  

What has stopped me from immediately jumping in with both feet is my phone.  I switched 1.5 years ago to the Android platform for a number of reasons (larger screen, Swiftkey, and the Android share button).  The Omni Group, of course, is Mac and iOS only so I wouldn't have mobile support unless I used something like Quantus Tasks which is somewhat of an end around and not fully compatible.

I have considered ToDoist but have concerns over the lack of start dates, the web based nature, lack of a serious "Review", and the similar but not quite full support of GTD.  The advantages are that it is multi-platform, available everywhere, and doesn't look horrible.  The cost is recurring, but less than Omnifocus.

I have looked at the Secret Weapon (, but it doesn't really mesh with how I use my Evernote Premium account as a reference filler.  It also seems to be shoehorning Evernote into a setup it wasn't ment for.

Can anyone provide some advice, suggestions, or guidance on the topic?  I am looking to avoid a buy-in to a system that will leave me stuck, frustrated, and unmotivated to use.

#GTD #Productivity #Omnifocus  #Trusted-System
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