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Name:Moemarzurg Kirigaya
Faction:U.S.Army Ranger
Branch Of Faction:The Sniper
Weapon:Pistol And Sniper
Specialty:Protect Allies And Protect City
Bio:He From Epic World About Meet In U.S.A. To Join U.S.Army Ranger. About Enemy Russia. Makarov. He Mad Dog About Destory All World Began One By One. But. He Killed Makarov By Price. Now I Shall Beginner. To Protect U.S.Army

Can I make a Private Military Contracting Company?

Not really a Faction, but a sub-faction of whichever country they are in.

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Name: Tomson Brandon
Faction: American
Branch of Faction:Marines
 Weapons: depend on mission
Specialty-Marksmen, leadership, and piloting
 Bio:A skilled comander with moments to spare with a cigar on the battlefield.

Branch of faction: 

(yessss now i can bust out the marine raiders.)

Name: George Marshall
Age: 32
Rank:Intel specialist
Faction: United Kingdoms
Branch of faction: MI6
Weapons: SA80 silenced, Smith and Wesson model 10, Combat knife
Specialty:Hand guns, CQC
Bio: The son of sir Winston Marshall a MI5 agent he was always trained by his father to be an agent for the royal government he owned his first BB gun at 10 and he took martial arts at the time as well. When he was 18 he took British army training and quickly distinguished himself and was inducted into the SAS where he was an operative for them for 10 years distinguishing himself there as well and catching the eye of the MI6 and he was offered a job there as an intelligence operative and he has remained there ever since

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Britain begins production of a new SDI strategic defence initiative. This is expected to take a huge chunk out of the military budget

((why is having 25 ground units matter???))

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Name: Jason Montero
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Race: American
Party: Democratic
Personality: Sarcastic, Brash, Smart, Wise.
Weight: 185lbs
Height: 5'11
Sexuality: Straight
Goal: Establishment
Bio: Jason is the youngest president of the United States in history, being below the legal age by 6 years. But that was ignored due to complications. Originally, Jason was a US Marine.
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