Did the latest voice update break this?

Nvm bad contact.

I've been getting "blackouts" at the beginning of incoming calls ~2 sec.
Also, the "1" or "2" call answer option has stopped working.
SORRY if this is old news...but it's new to me. Anyone having this same problem...comments?

New beta published.

For those who have joined as a beta tester you'll see an update coming shortly with a donate button. Let me know if there seems to be any issues.

Uploaded the fix for Google's Breaking Change

Thanks for your patience everyone. The latest update is now live with the fix so you no longer need to keep Google Voice downgraded.

Again, I can't say thank you enough for everyone's support. It's been really great and lots of fun.

Feature suggestion. Since you're digging into the code now and possibly changing the pricing structure; here's a suggestion that may be easy to implement (not sure) that I think would be really useful. Obviously a big one is the ability to save your settings but I'm sure you know that one. This one kind of came about from the lack of that but like I said, might be a super easy implementation that helps reduce the need for that.

When you go into the individual numbers screen is there any way to only show those numbers not already covered by a rule somewhere else? For example I have all my friends group use my personal number, my family group etc and a group I set up that is just called no screening. But not everyone is categorized completely so there are a few people that I manually add. It's a pain to find those people that aren't part of one of the predefined groups. This would help.

EDIT: autocorrect typo

I know downgrading google voice fixes the problem for now, but any ETA on an update for vc2.0? Or if it's not possible?

Anybody else facing issues with the latest google voice update (v5.2.156378931)? It got updated yesterday and since then unable to make any direct calls.

EDiT - Works perfectly fine with penultimate version, v5.0.1.

This latest breakage from the recent Google Voice update brings about an opportunity to discuss something I've been thinking about for months and even years at this point - how to best monetize Voice Choice. This is something that has tormented me, to be quite honest.

When I first published Voice Choice we lived in a world of 99 cent gag apps and casual games. I felt my app was quite useful and way more important to people than a little app you only use once or twice, so I charged $5.99. Well, along came our friend "Copycat" who released a competing app for free, and I felt pressure to lower my price. Luckily for me, the other app has been poorly supported and has seen little to no feature additions. All the while I did my best to keep up with feature requests and jump on fixes as quickly as possible.

Well, the market evolved and even the big players realized if you want to survive you have to do it with ads or subscriptions (be it monthly, yearly, or in the form of freemium content). Putting ads in the app doesn't make much sense because Voice Choice is a "set it and forget it" app, so people would rarely see the ads. But with several times more people content with the free version, I simply don't get enough people willing to pay a mere one-time-fee of $2.99 for an app they want/need/use everyday, several times per day.

I really want to put the time into making Voice Choice better and staying on top of things as they change so that it can keep working. Unfortunately I have other demands in my life and the meager income from the relatively few people willing to pay for the app doesn't quite justify it.

So the part that has been tearing me apart is do I change the model and make it a subscription? Should I charge some small amount per month/year for continued access to Voice Choice in order to justify the time/effort it takes to keep it alive? What amount might that be? What will the reaction be from the ones who were already willing to pay? Do I have to keep charging them more because there are too many freeloaders who are unwilling to pay $2.99?

I welcome any and all reactions and comments. Thanks everyone.

Could you add a number filter for international calls, so that out of country calls are always made with/without GV?

It currently doesn't work properly with pattern filter. e.g. if I exclude all calls to India with the "91" filter, then all local US calls to numbers starting with "91" are also excluded. What could help is adding a"+" in the pattern. It currently allows only numbers.

The latest version is now 2.25.5. This has (just now) been published as a wide release. Thanks again to everyone for helping make Voice Choice better!
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