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(My profile is in this link, would love to re-write it but computer is being a butt. I promise it's worth clicking and reading)

this place dead?

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Name: Rouge Dagger
Age: 13
Species: Lycanthrope( werewolf)
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Likes: Canis Lupus, Equidae, Luna
Dislikes: corruptness, haters, disbelievers
Bio: Native American
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_For seventeen years I was taunted for being small, and told I was worthless.. and they had the boldness why I ran away. _

Ash was the runt. She had two brothers, and three sisters. None of them loved her. They hated her for being her father's favorite. She would have run away a long time ago except her father was her best friend. When he was murdered by another pack, she left..

Ash was taking a break from running, she turned into her human form, resting against the tree. When she heard a voice..

Y/N: Mine.

Ash snapped her head in the direction the voice came from. What? Who's there?

//Open role-play, reposts available
//Dominant male or female
//No one liners or text talk
//Start where the starter ends.
//Have fun!
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Name: Rose Blood
Bio:her family got shot in front of her eyes and now she is set out on revenge
personalitys:mean at first but ends up being nice,and hyper

Rose Walked around the street with her body clothing covered with weapons and didnt look to happy*((Anyone rp?))

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Name: Dahive vanity
Age: 30
Gender: male
Species: warewolf
Bio: is in a band
Likes: Music, fans, people,
Dislikes: haters
Sexuality: Gay
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Hey Guys Im need some support for my channel its General Luck thank you to anyone who subscribes it means alot to me. Just Give Me a Chance is all I ask.

Link to my Channel below.

Subscribe to my Channel if you Give Me a Chance
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Name:((dont have a name))
age:2 weeks old
species:wolf cub
Bio- i lost my family during a wildfire with lighting and storm at 3 months old and been surviving on my own since then and im scared of fire i dont like the word fire at all or even being near or seeing it
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