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1. don't be too mean
2. you can curse
3. you can kill a pokemon if you want...but why tho...?
4. please use the template
5. try not make you're trainer unbeatable.
6. each pokemon can only have up to 4 moves (you can have less if u want though :])
7. you can have up to 6 pokemon on your team
8. only Moderators and Owners can have legendary pokemon, cuz I'm not dealing with people having full team of legendary and I'm not saying "that legendary is already taken" (but we can't have Arceus, Mew or Mewtwo.)
9. gyms usually revolve around a single (sometimes 2) type(s) for a certain gym, try to stick to that :]
10. please make an OC before you RP
11. gone
12. don't post spam.
13. you can become a mod by being active


Trainer, gym leader or Team rocket:
Pokemon on you're team:
Their moves:
First Pokemon:
Latest Pokemon caught:
Favourite Pokemon: (doesn't need to be on you're team)
Favourite Pokemon Type: (type you use)
Hair Colour:
Eye colour:
Athletic: (not required)
swimwear?: (not required but might as well ask xD)


Lol the tagline tho xD

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(I feel the need to do an update xD)
Name: "Emma Red!"
Age: "around 14 or 15!"
Personality: "find out for yourself"
Likes: "my pokemon, friends, doing whats right and winning!"
Dislikes: "losing friends.... and losing in general..."
Trainer, gym leader or Team rocket: Trainer, sometimes I helped Emerald in her gym but not anymore.
Flaws: "heh.....apart from being a part of Team Plasma? I'm putting it in flaws because everyone sees it as a flaw"
Weaknesses: " if I'll ever tell"
Quote(s): "Victory is knowing that you've done your best. If you've done your best. you've won." "Don't stress, do your best, forget the rest"
Pokemon on you're team: "I change it a lot"
Their moves: "wanna battle? cuz that's the only way you'll find out"
First Pokemon: "Snivy!"
Latest Pokemon caught: "a legendary one! LOOK AT ME NOW MOM."
Favourite Pokemon: "I have a lot...heh..."
Favourite Pokemon Type: "hm...all of them! except fairy"
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye colour: blue
Everyday: picture
Formal: "I'll where anything"
Pyjamas: "a sports bra and fleece trousers"
Athletic: "same as everyday!"
swimwear?: "uh... just a bikini? why...?"

I love that picture xD

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you're in the woods, it's around midnight, you notice a flash far in the darkness
Emma: behind you, she taps you on the shoulder can I help you... friend?

~Emerald, Emma~
at Emerald's gym
Emerald: alright! so I have to go now. are you sure you're ok with being in a spotlight again?
Emma: I hope so.... sighs I'll try stay calm and imagine that it's just a one on one battle with any trainer that comes here.. and try to forget about other people watching the battles...
Emerald: it'll be fine! I promise
Emma: nods alright...
Emerald: anyways....I'm going to close the gym for today so you'll have the day to make yourself comfortable here..I'll be gone for like a week... oh shoot..I gotta go now! bye leaves (she put a sign on the door saying it was closed
Emma: Bye...

Emma is sitting in a tree in the abandoned woods, she looks bored

Emma is walking around the abandoned woods, her Delcatty is out of it's pokeball and is following her

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Name: Madison
Age: 10
Personality: Energenic, Sweet, Weird, Goofy,
Likes: Every Single Type of Pokémon, Plushies, New Places, meeting new people,
Dislikes: Losing Gym Battles
Trainer, gym leader or Team rocket: Trainer
Flaws: Over Sleeping,
Weaknesses: Clumsiness, Over Thinking,
Quote(s): none
Pokémon on you're team: Eevee, MudKip
Their moves: Mudslap,Tackle,  Growl, Quick Attack
First Pokémon: Mudkip
Latest Pokémon caught: Eevee
Favorite Pokémon: Syvleon
Favorite Pokémon  Type: Psyhic
Hair Color: Silver
Eye color: Red
Everyday: 1st pic
Formal: 2nd pic
Pyjamas: Tank Top and sweat pants
Athletic: Same as my everday
swimwear?: a normal Swim Suit with snowflake patterns
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first off, thanks for inviting me! im sort of new to role playing so i might need to ask questions and get things wrong but here goes my template +Emerald Kitten Queen // Emma the Cat queen 

Personality: shy, introverted, loyal (kinda a kuudere)
Likes: technology,traveling, drawing
Dislikes:having to earn badges, walking
Trainer, gym leader or Team rocket: trainer
Flaws:socially awkward, talking to fast due to nervousness
Weaknesses: physical activity and forced socializing
Moral code: "they way people look or the path they were forced to take does not determine who they actually are"
Quote(s):" whats the point of living life if your not happy?"
Pokemon on you're team:gardevior name:shyren, umbreon name:lunar, Mawile name:amala, absol name: jin and bulbasaur name:blu
Their moves:

absol: psycho cut,  perish song, future sight and double team

gardevoir: draining kiss, magical leaf, healing wish and attract

umbreon: moon light, assurance, confuse ray and quick attack

mawile: stock pile, swallow, vice grip and sweet scent

bulbasaur: leech seed, synthesis, poison powder and take down
First Pokemon: raltz (the gardevoir )
Latest Pokemon caught:Mawhile ( about 6 months ago )
Favorite Pokemon: as i love all of them equally gardevoir was my first so... i have to go with her
Favorite Pokemon Type: psychic
Hair Color: white (sorry about the pic being in black and white btw, also imagine her with a hat)
Eye color: brown
Everyday:black sweater ( on hot days plaid shirt)
Formal: nice shirt and blue pants
Pajamas: undershirt and comfy leggings
Athletic: im not athletic, why would I have clothes for that?
swimwear: (screw it im bored im doing this) do you know  yandere-chan from the game "yandere simulator"? her swimsuit design

if i messed up on anything here please tell me! thank you :)

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Name: "Emma Red"
Age: "I dunno anymore..I think I'm like 13 or 14?"
Personality: "ummm....find out for yourself"
Likes: "my pokemon"
Dislikes: "losing"
Trainer, gym leader or Team rocket: "I'm technically a Trainer but sometimes Emerald forces me to run her gym when she needs to go do something important"
Flaws: "I just plain don't give a fuck about anything."
Weaknesses: "eh"
Moral code: "break my pokemon and I shatter you"
Quote(s): "don't abuse life but fight till the very end"
Pokemon on you're team: "Reshiram, Delcatty, Purrlion, Persian, Zorua and a litwick!, I change it often though"
Their moves: "find out yourself!"
First Pokemon: "it was a snivy..."
Latest Pokemon caught: "my Skitty"
Favourite Pokemon: (doesn't need to be on you're team)
Favourite Pokemon Type: (type you use) "I love grass, fire, poison, dragon, dark, ghost, psychic, normal and ice!"
Hair Colour: "brown"
Eye colour: "blue"
Everyday: (picture)
Formal: "i'll wear anything"
Pyjamas: "a sports bra and fleece trousers"
Athletic: (not required) "same as everyday"
swimwear?: (not required but might as well ask xD) "um..why do you care?"
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