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*Me talking with Error when I'm corrupted is a serious problem...*
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Error u so fab I'm jele

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Da fuk

now he was sitting somewhere in the antivoid staring at some badly damaged paper of what seemed to be a Pap before allowing it to hit the the skeleton gripped his ''soul'' glitching a bit after maybe taking a Pap's code PAINTTT

Paint: d..don't do this to me you know I deserved to come back more than you..modifying a timeline just to save one smaller skeleton..dusting innocents.. and despite that you still couldn't stop him from dying..Ink accepts you as a brother but..We CaN't AlLoW tHaT...why do you deserve can't even sace him crazy smile getting up, what looked like a ghost like Pap figure sighs being forced to follow him..Paint what did you do!?!?

+Nightmare! Sans you don't have to but..make me owner so I could maybe delete this group? least make sure no more kids join thinking all this is real show up with free posting?.. I made it anyways gave it to you because I wanted to leave before I made things worse.. but the most recent post is of some..young fangirl with spelling errors posted in a rp's not even a starter an..don't really want people here if it looks like they believe all this is real

(I h0pe you guy$ lik3 this for @ start to aN RP)

(Silence...0r the inv3rse totality oF it... bu+ on3 figure $tands in the noth!ngness... hold!ng an E-e-e-e-ethereal blu3 string tha+ he fouNd on the gr0und...)
0pen RP

I thought I wouldn't have to say this but this is a ROLEPLAY group if posting in one of the categories not only must it be rp..but it's important for the user to know none of this is actually real and the rp categories aren't for spamming with that being said..nothing wrong with young kids joining but..if they will post spam in these topics thinking this is real..especially with a bunch of spelling errors..they really shouldn't be here

Name: PV_5@N$

ATK- 12345678910111213141516 17 IgNoRe NoN- aStErIsK_nUmBeRnAmEs

DEF-1n 0n3 E@r


Role- L!vinG r3m1nD3r oF th3 dam@ge 0f_ParadoxException

Status- Damaged but r3pairable

Bio- PV! Sans was a survivor from an AU he bugged by himself by using red attacks and bringing the player's max HP down to 0. However, after various adventures through the multiverse, he got stuck in the Void and the Anti-Void at the same time, causing his code to go through Protocol_16011801041524(The Paradox Exception, an almost-fatal error) and severely d@mag!ng h!$ c0d3.:.

following a human in secret as they explore glitched files, sockets went black..once the human stops he pulls out his bow directing some sharp arrows at the back of the human..seems he's up to something I just want those times to respawn...even if it means..saying goodbye to our helpful human...sockets went a bit crazy drooling a bit craap Dream snap out of it

searching through the code looking for repairable timelines with my pet blaster Koronmaru
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