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Please accept the new people and the posts that aren't trolls. Also you can post but we have to accept it first.
Edit: We have to move to another place because I don't want us to be shut down so I made another community

I wake up after.drug induced.coma a diaper on waist my nine tails are covered up in multicolored covers that prevent magic a pacifier gag to stop any vocal spells and a straight jacket onsie as I stand up has a laxatives drip in arm

Bye guys I'm leaving this place with people I trust

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Name: Toby
Age: 5
Race: human
Gender: male
Role: prey
Size: 4 feet
Likes: games, birds, a mother
Dislikes: being eaten, a mother dragon, being trick to be eaten, being alone.
Bio: Toby was abandoned by his parents in the forest, now he looking for a home that is not a mother dragon belly, shy and scare he is a pretty easy prey. lots of times, he unwilling 

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Plushie hypnotize

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Name chase
Age 9
Gender male
Likes: getting farted on and getting eaten
Dislikes: digesten and being fart tortured

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Name Masome Konamisikisia
Nickname Masome or Kin
Age ??
Role prey
Vore types All except hard cum vore
Likes being eaten, being awesome^^
Dislikes being forced to be predator
Height 5'11
Race Anthro wolf

Ummm could so done Rp with me? Kinda new to Vore^^~

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Looking for a female or male adbl or tbdl on Kik to love and Dom. Or a diaper lover 
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