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Learning for today is DevOps : Clearly explained about DevOps and end of the session, You will get the answers for the below questions.
What is DevOps?
DevOps Fundamentals and Basics?
How DevOps helps us?
DevOps vs SDLC?
Advantages of DevOps?
Required Skills to learn DevOps?
Tools and Programs used in DevOps?

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Big Data and latency are linked with each other. However, many organizations are making the mistake of overlooking their bandwidth needs and latency issues, which is causing issues with data transfer. We have mentioned two steps that can help organizations enhance their big data strategy and improve web speed.

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Listed are 10 recommended Cloud Backup solutions you should definitely check out to back up your data, either you are a consumer or business end user

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Know About: What is Cloud Computing: Pros and Cons ?
#Cloud   #Computing  

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Whenever there is anything new there are going to be a few hurdles you need to jump through. Cloud Computing is no different which is why I put this article together for SmartDataCollective. Let me know what you guys think! #cloudcomputing
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