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John Hollyoak

Discussion  - 
Need temp insurance car
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When you try to go off-roading in your new sports car...
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Well, the figures can't lie - as promised here's the Chris Knott Top 20 car club forum rankings for the first half of 2016.

As you know, Chris Knott Insurance specialises in looking after the insurance needs of car enthusiasts, working to help the members of around 200 car clubs/forums across the UK.

To feature in our Top 20, a club/forum will be producing a high number of quote enquiries and we're converting a strong percentage into policies. It hints at the makes and models we're best at but not entirely as one club for the marque might be doing better than another club for the same marque that is not featured.

Our average conversion rate is 42% at the moment (v. good for a single provider), so you've a strong chance of saving money by calling us for a quote.

It's all about picking up the phone (0800 917 2274) or completing our online quote request form at to see how much you could save on your car insurance.


1. Volvo Owners Club (up from #2 in 2015 :))
2. Alfa Romeo Owners Club
3. Saab Owners Club
4. Briskoda
5. Mercedes Owner
6. (up from #13 in 2015 :))
7. CivInfo
9. Z4 Forum
10. BMW 5 Series Owners Club

11. MPS Owners Club
12. VectraC/Signum Owners Club (up from #19 in 2015 :))
13. GT86/BRZ Owners Club
14. Fiesta ST Owners Club
15. TT Forum
16. (new in :))
18. BimmerForums (new in :))
19. (new in :))
20. Celica Club UK (new in :))

Thanks very much if you've already asked us for a quote under the scheme. If you haven't yet, please do call us when your renewal falls due and include us in the mix of companies you get your quotes from. The enthusiasts below did and they were glad they'd called.

QUOTELINE: 0800 917 2274

If you needed more proof that Chris Knott offers a great scheme, here's what some have said about us recently:

"My renewal came up at £440 with my usual insurance company this year, found a cheaper quote online with AF but CK beat them. Policy amount this year with CK is £280...massive difference. Cheers CK and specifically Ian who works for you." ScoobyGT, UK Legacy forum

"All paid up Nick, just have to print off and sign, top marks to all at Chris Knott." Mick.M, Focus ST Owners Club

"I've just renewed with CK. Their price was around £400 cheaper than elsewhere." ChrisSB, Jaginfo

"My insurance with Chris Knott started today. Thanks guys for best price!"M015T, Hyundai Coupe Owners Club

"According to my phone log, it took me 5mins and 34 seconds to: Dial, Connect, Navigate the menus, Talk to Emma about changing insurance from one car to another, and take my money (a very very reasonable £15 admin fee), then get a "how much" on changing again to another car later next week, And then a bit of "social", End the the same amount of time, I have been on hold with various other companies, listening to rather awful music that's so loud it's distorted. My thanks to Emma @ Chris Knott for making the whole process, quick, easy and painless. This is how it should be done! Once again 10/10." RainbowFire, Briskoda

“New policy is now with you starting 12 June - very helpful and very competitive! Thanks” Mr Tidy, Z4 Forum

“Well I've accepted my quote today. Happy with how I was quoted and beat my renewal quote by nearly £300. Most comparison websites were a little over £100 more on how I was getting my quotes done, but Ian talked me through it all and got it down to just a little bit under £500 on my THP165 Ultra Prestige. Very happy with that! Thanks very much.” Mjogreen, DS3 Owners Club

"I've just joined CK, great quote and all confirmed by email this morning." Nyx1962, Hyundai Coupe Owners Club


A reminder of the MAIN CHRIS KNOTT PRODUCTS available:

* Standard/Modified Car Insurance/Multi-car Insurance (extra discounts for more than one car) - phone for a quote
* Breakdown Cover - by phone or quote and buy online at
* GAP Insurance - by phone or quote and buy online at

Get an instant quote for GAP Insurance starting at just £82.34 for 3 years' protection from depreciation in the event of a total loss.
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We'd just like to thank every club member who has taken out car insurance through the Chris Knott Car Club Scheme so far in 2016. Every month (for 7 months) we've beaten our New Business target and we're now almost 10% ahead of where we expected to be. It's thanks to you and we're grateful. Already for July (the first 4 whole days) we've reached 26% of this month's target, you brilliant lot!

We really do appreciate members giving us a try for their car insurance and finding out how much we can save them - and it's clearly working to everyone's benefit.

If you haven't yet tried us, or you tried us before and we couldn't quite get there, please call for a quote this year and we'll do all we can to win your custom. The insurers on our panel are backing us to a great degree as we try to win more club enthusiast business.

QUOTELINE: 0800 917 2274

We'll be letting you know which clubs/forums feature in our Top 20 (year to date) in the coming weeks. Let's see if there have been any changes in the rankings – we’re expecting there will have been!!

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We're into the final month of our big Spring Spectacular and so far you haven't disappointed. We said April's target was looking promising and we ended up smashing it - thank you!

Don't forget, we can quote about 30 days ahead so even if you're not due until late June you can still request your quote before close of play on 31 May and secure entry in our draw.

Here's a reminder of what you could win and how to enter:
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syed shayan

Discussion  - 
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Don't forget that we're currently running our biggest competition ever - giving you the chance to WIN from 3 great prizes. All you have to do is request a car insurance quote from us before 31st May on a car we don't yet insure and you're automatically entered.

Full details of the prizes can be found on our website -

TO ENTER please use either:
Phone: 0800 917 2274 (free from mobiles too)
SMS: text QUOTE ME to 61211
Web: complete our callback form at - we'll call you back shortly from 01424 200477

Genuine quotes only please - the winners will need to supply a copy of their existing renewal invitation to confirm final eligibility. Get calling and good luck!
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Upgrading to something a bit newer - maybe a MY16 car? If it's less than 8 years old our Combination GAP Cover could be good for you. Request a quote online at
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Driverless car crashes into bus - was this inevitable?
Last month's crash involving a Google self-driving car and a bus was inevitable, US transport chief tells BBC.
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It's great to be able to bring you another prize draw competition and offer you something in addition to the competitive car insurance rates you'll find when you ask us to quote for a car we don't yet insure.

This one we're calling our Spring Spectacular and anyone who request a car insurance quote between 01 March and 31 May will automatically gain entry. If you called us last week (and many car club members did because we've had a great start to the month) please be assured that you're already included in the draw.

This time we're offering our biggest prize bounty yet, giving you the chance to win from not one, not two but three prizes! Three times the chance of winning one of these special treats:

1st Prize - Five Supercar Driving Blast with High Speed Passenger Ride (and photo) worth £234.

2nd Prize - Festival of Speed Luxury Fitted Picnic Hamper with Veuve Clicquot Champagne worth £150.

3rd prize - £100 towards car parts/mods/accessories of your choice worth...err...£100.

Full details of the prizes can be found on our website at

Simply call us for your car insurance and we'll aim to give you a winning quote. The insurers on our panel mirror our love of car club/forum members and give us the ability to assess you as an individual rather than just give computer generated rates. This should result in a better quote for you.

TO ENTER please use either:
Phone: 0800 917 2274 (free from mobiles too)
SMS: text QUOTE ME to 61211
Web: request a callback - - we'll call you back shortly from 01424 200477

We hope these prizes will encourage you to call us for a quote if your car insurance is due in the coming months. Remember, we can quote you about 30 days ahead so even if you're not due until late June you can still request your quote before close of play on 31 May and secure entry in our draw.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to quoting you.


PS. Genuine quotes only please - the winners will need to supply a copy of their existing renewal invitation to confirm final eligibility. Get calling and good luck!

We're getting them in faster than I can post them but here are a few comments from the last couple of weeks:

"I used to be very skeptical of "special" car insurance offered through forum communities because it has never worked for me... until today! I called Chris Knott this morning and got quoted £200 less over the Premium (and £250 less over the Excess) if compared with the best quote I got from Ad***, Elep* and Dia*. I will be calling Chris Knott tomorrow to formalise things. Thank you." Gustavo7, Z4 Forum

"Just got off the phone with Chris Knotts about the work car. Premium's £630 cheaper than previous year/insurer plus the bonus of almost no waiting time on the phone for an operator (never waited more than 2 min on any call tbh). So Chris Knotts, I've passed all the details onto the managing director including the screen grabs you requested. He should give you a call shortly to sort out payment etc. Roll on the discount for the coupe in the summer!" Lexo, Hyundai Coupe Owners Club

"Thought I'd give my review of the past few weeks, ringing around getting renewal quotes. Online quotes circulated around the £600 mark - almost double what I pay now! 3 weeks ago Brentacre phoned me and quoted £480, with the similar scheme of it completely insured up to a certain power band. They also said that they can't book the quotation as it needed to be within 30 days of the renewal time (standard procedure). Nick from Chris Knott put me through to one of the guys in the office who gave me a renewal quote that was considerably less than Brentacre's price, but again needed to be within 30 days. Funnily enough Brentacre phoned me this morning and has now quoted me £595. Wow. I told the guy on the phone that I received a call them them 3 weeks ago saying £480, and explained their scheme to them. He then decided I was a liar!... He proceeded to put me on hold. Then a while later comes back to me with 'we'll honour that quote'. But clearly he was fishing and was too late, when I told him what Chris Knott had quoted me. The conversation went even sour: "Well they can have your car for £XXX then, we're never going to get anywhere near that."...Ther are still a few insurance companies that are due to phone me within the 30 day mark, but for now I thank my existing insurers Chris Knott for their prompt service, excellent 1-to-1 phone service and very decent renewal quote." Kesler, GT86/BRZ Owners Club

"Just a quick one, covered my ST earlier with Chris Knott's GAP Insurance, £120 for 3 years, it took me 5 minutes for a quote online and about 10 minutes on the phone to finalise. The lady I spoke to was great and managed to answer everything I asked, the purchase of GAP insurance was purely for peace of mind in case the car is ever to go missing and doesn't return. By no means does this mean I won't worry/take precautions, it's just to put my mind at ease financially, I'd be able to go out and buy a new one straight off the cuff rather than settle for a 2nd/3rd hand car with a history I'm unaware of. Don't hesitate, £40 per year is nothing for peace of mind. I can't comment on the service in a situation where the car has gone but so far so good!" titchytom86, FiestaST OC

"I took this out with said company above when I got my ST back in 2014. When I picked up its replacement (sadly a non-ST) I rang from the new car and changed the policy over in minutes. Top class service, let's hope it's the same standard if a claim needs to be raised." Tim, FiestaST OC
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Sen Bolly

Discussion  - 
If you are seeking for reliable and excellent customer service, super fast booking process you are at the best place Bill Plant Driving School. Learn driving lessons Ashford from here. For more information please visit us at-
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We'll be at the Briskoda show at Gaydon this Sunday. If you're coming along why not pop over and say hello?
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Major overhaul of UK driving test imminent - according to The Sun...
DRIVING tests in the UK are set to undergo major changes in a bid to make them more “realistic”. Reversing around a corner will be scrapped as it is considered to be out of date –…
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This handy guide helps you with how to claim pot hole damage for your cars. Worth a read with all the damaged roads in the UK.
If you’re thinking about a claim for pothole damage compensation, read our guide for the key dos and don'ts
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"So insurance time came around, Debbie J and myself on the policy. A simple and pleasant experience with the mods declared, beat the renewal quote no problem. Given previous experience over the years with insurance companies this was a refreshing exercise with friendly staff, so thumbs up from us."
KevinA, Toyota GT86 and Subaru BRZ Drivers Club
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So, we’re about half-way through our Spring promotion and it’s going great - February was our best February EVER and March was the best overall month we’ve had in 5 years!And April is looking promising as well. It’s all down to you – thank you!

It also means we’ve got great rates available to club members at the moment.

Add in our fantastic prize draw with 3 amazing prizes on offer and you’ve got every reason to give us a call for a car insurance quote if your renewal is due soon.

Pick up the phone today!
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The first trailer for the new Top Gear has finally been released!

Take a look below.
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Hi, I just wanted to say thank you to all the members who've used us for their car insurance already this year. Last month we had our best February EVER and it's all down to you - Chris Knott's best February in 33 years of helping car club members save money on their car insurance!

I had a look at the 2016 figures on Thursday and the average saving we negotiate for a car enthusiast is £56*.

That's £56 less than the best alternative quote a member can find. Some save more, some save less of course but it's a good message and means it's worth picking up the phone to request a Chris Knott quote when you're looking around at renewal.

Don't forget if you're due in the next few months, that you can gain entry into our Spring Spectacular with 3 great prizes on offer ( just for receiving a quote.

For your no-obligation quote please call Chris Knott FREE on 0800 917 2274 (free from mobiles too)


Further recent proof that our special club scheme has value in the car club community:

"Just set up my insurance with Chris's Knott earlier today. Did the usual trawl through Gocompare and Confused to set the benchmark and then had a call from Kathy at Chris Knott. They came back and bettered the lowest quote by £30 but also provided much better cover by not limiting the miles (£335 all in)." SparkyBrum, Z4 Forum

"The service I received when I had the quote was excellent and Chris Knott seems to have a good reputation on car forums." hineyho87, FiestaST OC

"Well you guys had the cheapest quote so I'm going with you. Cancelled my Sky policy just now." rob275, GT86/BRZ Drivers Club

"Excellent service from Chris Knotts - told them a week ago I was in the process of purchasing a private plate, the guy on the phone said because I informed them early the £15 it would've cost to amend the paperwork will be waived, well happy." deni.babe, CivInfo

"Just phoned up after receiving a pathetic renewal quote. Really impressed by the service and the quote I have received." aslee17, AlfaOwner forum


*£55.98 to be exact - the average difference between our quote and the member's best quote (from shopping around or their existing renewal, whichever was the cheaper) where best alternative quote information was provided.
Details of our Spring competition for car club members.
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BUDGET: Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) to rise again, this time by 0.5% to 10% on 1 October 2016 - to pay for flood defences!

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Happy Monday folks!

Today VW warns business owners of stringent penalties for those who neglect company vehicles. They're hardly in a position to take the moral high ground given the emissions scandal don't you think?
Business owners face hefty fines and even risk jail by high proportion of vans that are not kept in good order reflected by high rate of MoT test failures.
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