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How many of these excuses are you using? 

I did it! I did it! I finished writing and publishing my #memoir! Woot-woot! Time to celebrate. #Ididit #bucklist
Thanks +Lynn Palermo for the motivation

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My Grandmother recently left a box full of letters for me to go through, it turns out that they are letters that she wrote to my Grandfather during WWII, as well as every letter he ever wrote to her between 1943 and 1946, there are about 250.

Any ideas or inspiration from the community on how I would go about sharing them with the whole family? How would you write their story with that many letters as reference?

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Not sure how to begin writing your family history stories? We've rounded up our top posts to help you get started.

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Timeline for James Anderson Woollen, My Paternal 3rd Great-Grandfather (22 Feb 1836 – 11 Jun 1905)
22 February 1836, Guilford County, North Carolina – James Anderson Woollen, my paternal third great-grandfather, was born in to Rebecca Heath Woollen (1798-?), and John Woollen (circa 1790-?) 25 September 1850, Guilford County, North Carolina – The 1850

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So, what do you do when you find a giant, 165 year old skeleton in the closet? You gather all the women in the family together to ruminate the discovery on the eve of Halloween!

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While I have been gathering and learning about the histories of the people in my family, I have become more confident and proud of even the most difficult parts of my own personal history.  Authentically writing the stories of my ancestors has helped me overcome the fear of sharing the hardest parts of my own. 

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Recently revised story of my grandfather... after WW2
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