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im so happy that basicwarrior killed the rekage team
thank you +BasicWarrior123

...though i would not accept the fact that he made a fuck ton of bots to harrass someone

I actually still kinda miss this lmao

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Im kinda happy that basicwarrior killes the team. The only thing i can not accept is that he actually harassed a dead person. Like, who the fuck does that?!?!

I like Roblox

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this server is ded and now roblox bores me so.....Im gonna play battle royalle

I forgot this existed, people actually trying to revive this?

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Send me your users on Roblox and a picture of them I will draw them out for you and if you like,a YouTube logo.Tell me if you prefer Black and white or full colour also if you want a background,tell me which colour.
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