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Here guys, a fan made Ace Attorney game based on a YouTuber named Roman Tate. There will be an entire series later based on Roman Tate so come check out the community for more updates.

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Karen's Computer
Story by Leo Carson

It has been five years since Karen's passing, She would have been 20 years old today if that tragic accident hadn't occurred. Her mom came over for a visit to meet up with her sister who has a daughter the same age as Karen was before she died. Her name is Stacy.

Stacy was a smart brunette who wore glasses. A computer geek in her school. One day her aunt gave her Karen's old computer and has asked Stacy to see if she couldn't get it working again. "Yes, of course I can getting it working again." Her aunt told her that she could keep it if she got it working again. So that night she plugged it in and started it up, she performed a complete hard reset on the laptop and started deleting files that weren't working and installed newer and more updated files to the computer. She got the laptop working better than brand new. She gave the laptop a bigger hard drive and storage space so she can use the most up-to-date Windows for the laptop. But there was one thing she found that she could find on the Desktop, and that was a Chrome Browser. She tried to find an updated version of Chrome, but there wasn't any. It seems that Google has sold their browser over to MIcrosoft and became Google Edge. Not sure why they would merge the two so she tried to download the browser, but it failed. Completely confused she checked her antiviruses to see what was going on. Her antiviruses couldn't find anything wrong so she tried it again. It failed again, she opened Chrome to see if it still worked. To her surprise it still did work, the browser automatically took her to Google Plus, a social media site she had heard so well and refused to go there because of the many bad things that's happened on that site. Since she was there she decided to make an account on there anyways. She named her account, "Stacy "The Computer Geek", just like her KongBook account she had. Everyone knew her on that site so she wanted to see how many people would like her here.

It has been over a month and she's already has 250 followers on her account. So she logged on today and notice an account called, "The Adorable Princess." The profile picture has a very pretty girl with green eyes that were glowing. She added the account to hers, she started talking to one of her friends about it and they responded to her. "Didn't you know? A girl named Karen had that account five years ago before she died."

"WHAT?!! You mean my cousin's account is still active for all these years?!" She screamed, and to her surprised they said, "No, it was deleted a month after she died. Are you feeling alright?" She responded back, "It's not deleted I'm afraid to tell you, it added me this morning. Someone must have control of the account."

"Whatever you do, do not add EL Day Shock. He's bad news." Her friend texted.

"Why?", she asked. And to her surprised they said, "He's the reason why your cousin is dead and why so many others died. They all had accidental deaths because of him." She started to cry when she heard about it. She thought to herself, "Why would the let this man run free without finding him? Does he really exist? He he even real? There is no way that he's just bits and data on a computer screen if he's doing this to people." She inspected the account that she just added and it came up "Error 500", she knew that code so well. But she new how to override the code, so she did. When she opened it her antivirus and Malware software started to pull her from the page. It eventually shutdown the browser she was using.

Staring at the desktop she notice a message from her Skype account. She opened it and it was from Karen. It said, "Don't open my old account, you will destroy the laptop you are using. He knows if you are trying to erase him and he'll remove you." She responded back, "Who?" Karen then replied back, "Edward Spelling." She knew the name so well. Five years ago Edward Spelling had escaped from jail and started killing girls. His last victim survived and smashed his head with a laptop that was still plugged into the wall. The electric that was running through the laptop killed him. The girl eventually died because the cut on her stomach was so deep, she bled to death. Stacy responded back, "What is his goal?" Karen responded back, "To get revenge on whoever killed him." "Karen, she's dead. She bled to death after she smashed her laptop through his skull."

"Remember Stacy, do not open any of his accounts. He will erase you through the laptop you have now. He owns that laptop you are using." Stacy slide back from the laptop and was in a state of panic. "There is no way his soul can be in this laptop. It's impossible, it's just a processing unit that stores data. How can he still live on a laptop that he's never seen before?" Stacy then tried to open all of Karen's old files, but they were all gone, except for a file that said "EL Day Shock." She opened it and it was a video of Edward's death. A black and white video of him getting killed and all that remained was the site of his green eyes. She tried to find out why he called himself EL Day Shock. Then she found it. Case number: 512-4125-18815311. Each number resembled the letter he used from his case file. She then looked up the state where they used a 15 digit case number and to her surprise it was the state of Georgia. "He's from the state I live in? That's where his trial was?"

The next day after school she logged on to her G+ account. Sure enough, there was Edward Spelling's account that showed up in her notifications. She went to his account and placed a block on it, but the block failed. But with her knowledge of computers she was able to override it. She went back to her account and she got a message from hangout. It was from EL Day Shock, she responded. "Hey, I blocked you, leave me along!", but it didn't go through. She override that and passed her message through. He responded back, "You have been a bad girl. Why are you manipulating my laptop? You will pay for this." The computer crashed down. She went and got her other laptop with a broken screen and logged on to her KongBook account, she contacted that admins on there because she knew that one of the admins there helps run Google+. They responded back, "That account that you are referring hasn't shown up in our system, can you try and send his link to me?" She did so, and to the admin's surprise they responded, "Stacy, this account doesn't have a profile. Are you show you gave me the right one?"

"Yes, it's the same one that comes up on my laptop. However I can't seem to get off his account now. My laptop froze on his account." She started to get scared from the site of the account. Then the admin responded, "Shut down your laptop and restart it." She did so and she was wondering if she gave the admin her cousin's account if anything would show up. To her surprise it did, "I don't understand why her account is still up, have you inspected this account?"

"Yes, it came up "Error 500", I tried to override it by my antiviruses shut me down from the browser.

"So, that's what this is. Thanks for bring this to my attention." She then got a message from EL Day Shock. "I warned you Stacy!" Her laptop froze wit the flashing green eyes on her screen. The flashing was so bright her mind went blank. Her nose started to bleed, and she lost all feeling to her entire body. She got up and and walked down the stairs pulled a knife and stood there. Her mom shows up, "Stacy, are you alright?"

Stacy starts to cry as she hears her mom's voice. "Mom, please go away. I don't want you to see me like this," Stacy's mom started to panic and she saw her daughter's wet clothes. She turns her daughter around. Stacy's eyes were glowing green and in her right hand was a meat clever. Stacy pushed her mom aside and laid her head on the table and chopped her own head off.

Her mom watched the entire scene and phoned the police. She ran to her daughter's bedroom to find that her laptop was still on with the words, "You're next." Five weeks later Stacy's mom was found dead in her car. Nobody knows what happened to the laptop since then, but reports said that another teenage girl that knew computers got a hold of it. Who knows what will happen, but we can only guess as to what happens.

Turnabout Deterioration
Chapter 3
"Skye? Skye!" a voice called her and Ema Skye snapped out of her thoughts. "Meeting in 10 minutes, I expect you to be there!" The chief detective reminded her.

These days Ema had a hard time concentrating and lost focus almost every 5 minutes. The long night had that effect on her. She tried to ignore it.

Ema made her way to the conference room. A room full of people she hated with every fiber of her existence. There was only one seat left, right between Klavier Gavin and Daryan Crescend.

The chief detective stepped in and the room went quiet. "Alright everybody. You all know why we're here. Or you knew why we're here if you would have read my email." he glared at Ema. It was obvious that he meant her. Ema covered her face, she didn't want to put up with any of this. And to be fair, she got that email last night, after she returned from The Seven Dead Men.

"Anyway. I want you all recognize how important that case is. Not just anyone was murdered last night. It was Elizabeth Brooks, daughter of a very important and very rich business mogul. Elizabeth herself, was a TV personality, that just very recently rose to fame. We're dealing with a celebrity murder here." his tone implied even more how serious the situation was. All Ema could think of was who this girl was. She never heard of Elizabeth Brooks. Did she live in Narnia, or why the hell, could she not recognize this girl?

The chief detective continued: "I need you all to focus. Whatever case you're working on right now, give it to someone else, that is not involved in this investigation. Detective Skye, as I remember you're still on a previous case?" Ema nodded. "Yes. But it's all wrapped up. Just paperwork and moving evidence. I'll finish it today." The chief shook his head in disagreement. "No. Just give it Detective Gumshoe. If there isn't some serious work involved, you might as well give it to him. He can't mess that one up. As for the rest of you, I'll need you to do the same. Prosecutor Gavin, what about you?" he turned to Klavier. Klavier flashed one of his charming smiles. "Herr chief detective, I assure you, my current case will in no way affect this investigation." The chief shot him a glare. "No. Mr. Gavin, as much as I respect you and your work, this won't do. You'll need to give your case to someone else too." he remained polite as usual, but he also made it pretty clear to Klavier that he would not accept a no from him. Klavier tensed up. While he would usually say something charming to get his will, Klavier remained silent.

"Okay, everybody. Let's get to work. Oh. Almost forgot that. We have a new member in our team: Daryan Crescend. And Miss Skye, I'd like you to work him in. Show him around, and tell him how we do things here. It would be best if you'd partner up for the time being. That's all. You are dismissed." the chief clapped in his hands. Almost everyone in the room shot up from their seats and made their way to the door. Ema noticed that almost everyone involved with the case was present, even the crime scene cleaner.
"So... you two are partners I suppose, ja?" Klavier clearly did not look to please with that. Was that a flicker of jealousy in his eyes? "Oh, yes. I'm looking forward to that." Daryan grinned. Ema shoveled a couple snakoos in her mouth and shrugged. "We should get going, Daryan. We need to investigate the crime scene and question the witnesses. Fop, see you around."

To Ema's own surprise the went over in a blurr. Daryan was actually a delight to work with, sufficient, hard working, competent , even funny. Working with him was a pleasure. He really didn't need anybody to work him in, he was doing fine alone.

They were about to drive to the last witness for that day, when he told her that he would do it on his own. Daryan Crescend was officially the first co-worker she truly didn't mind.

Hey I need your guys' help I wanna make an AA fan fiction but it's really hard to start from scratch

Hello. I found this community through +Innocent Kristoph Gavin's community, and decided to contribute.
Turnabout Deterioration

"You said you'd change, Ema! You said you'd stop doing this! You're a detective, damn it, Ema. It's like you're not even trying." Lana Skye was getting more and more frustrated with her little sister. Ema's behavior was clearly getting out of control.

A single tear ran down Ema's cheek. "I am trying! I'm trying so hard. And I will change, I promise you!" Ema gave Lana a pleading look, but her sister just shook her head.

"How many times did you promise me that? Ema, if you think about it, it's kind of easy. Just stop going out every night. You wake up every fucking morning with a hangover and that's how you drive yourself to work. You can't tell me, that you're doing a good job at work, while you're still being drunk from the night before. Do you know, how many times I had to pull strings, so that your boss would just let it go?" Lana gently touched her sisters cheek and planted a small kiss on her forhead. She expected a reaction from Ema, but it didn't come. "Look, Ema. If you need more help, just say it. We can find a way, I'm sure." Lana grew more and more desperate, tears forming in her eyes. She really wanted to save her little sister. After all, she was everything she had left. "Well, Lana. Can you help me find a new life?" Ema's voice was distant and cold. She regretted saying it, the moment it left her lips. But still, it was the truth.

I ain't sure if I should continue my story. Seems not many people've noticed it

This place got livelier. Huh.

Turnabout Deterioration
Chapter One
Lana Skye knew her sister was having problems. It was her own fault to some extant. After Lana was released from prison, she noticed the changes in Ema immediately. The once cheerful and bright girl, was now grumpy, sad and seemed to lost her will to truly live. Ema's eyes always had a distinct sparkle to them, full of curiosity and light. Now, her green eyes were dull, and appeared darker. No curiosity, but defeat. A little part in Lana hoped that as soon as she was released from hospital, Ema would feel better too. Obviously it wasn't like that. And it killed not only Lana, but Ema as well. Ema used to have big dreams. She wanted to become a forensic investigator as soon as she learned walking and talking. And she did pursue her dream and she failed. She failed at her exam. That was only the beginning. Ema was stuck in a job she hates, working for a prosecutor she despises and has almost zero money to support her life. And the little extra money she does have, she uses to buy booze. Large amounts. Lana refused to believe that Ema was an alcoholic. Ema promised her, that she wasn't. That she wouldn't do it every night. But Lana was realistic, and above all, not stupid. She had to stop Ema. She just didn't know how.

Ema Skye checked her appearance in the mirror. The tears were completely dry now. She tried to find some resemblance to her sister. She failed. She failed every time. Lana was so different from her. Lana was always the better one of them. She never failed in anything. She made it far. She did went to prison, but even after that, she still managed to build up a new life.
Ema loved Lana, more than anything in the world. And she was proud of her, oh god, how proud she was of her. Lana left her dream, her career behind to start something completely new.
Lana opened up a little diner, near Ema's work. Nobody believed that the diner would be a success, but it was. Lana was the cook, the waitress and the dishwasher all in one. She was a one-woman-show. And she made it. Ema couldn't help it, but she was jealous of her. She always was.

Her jealousy is what kept her from seeing Lana as a rolemodel, but saw her as an enemy instead.

Lana knew nothing about the pain she felt inside, just from her mere existence.

Ema hated her job. She hated it with a fiery passion. She hated Klavier Gavin. She hated the fact that she never made enough money to live a good life. And above else, she hated that she failed at her exams, her dream to become a forensic investigator.

Turnabout Deterioration
Chapter Two
But tonight, she wanted to forget everything. Just one last time. She needed tonight. Ema touched up her make up, just enough to look presentable. She grabbed her keys to her car and made her getaway.

The Seven Dead Men is a dark and moody bar, located right in the heart of the city in a small backstreet. She chose this bar over all the others for two reasons: no one bothered her and the bartender never said no to her and even gave her some drinks for free. The bar hosted the same guests almost every night. Ema knew all of them. And they knew her. Well, they didn't really know her. They just knew her name. She didn't want to let the others knew that she was a detective. Ema opened the heavy wooden doors that lead inside The Seven Dead Men. The smell always caught her off guard. Sweat, smoke and old wood and of course the heavy smell of strong alcohol. She took a seat right at the bar- she never sat at the tables. "Hey Joe. How's it going?" Ema greeted the bartender , that was after all this time more like a friend to her.

Joe, a bald but muscular older man smiled gently at he. 'I'm fine kiddo. What about you? Want something to drink?" Ema nodded, there was no need to say anything more. Joe knew what her silence meant: Don't ask how I'm doing. I want a dry gin. And that was exactly what he poured in a a glass, he grabbed from the shelve. Ema genuinely liked Joe. They never really talked that much, but he understood her anyway. He never asked her uncomfortable questions. But he listened to he, when she needed it. Maybe that was the reason she kept on coming here.

Joe on the other hand knew who Ema really was, but he cared for her like he would care for his daughter. He'd rather had here, and controlled what she was drinking. He also knew that in any other bar, Ema was most likely to get hurt in a way.

She sipped on her martini and stared at the liquor shelf. She did not care for the liquor. The bar just didn't have much to look at. It didn't have any painting or picture on the walls.

"Excuse, me. I believe I know you. Ema Skye." a man, with extraordinary hair +approached her. She saw that face just yesterday at work. He was a detective and also a member of the Gavinners. She never worked with him. "Daryan Crescend, am I right?" Ema could barely hide the fact that she was surprised of meeting someone like him in this bar. After all, he was rich, and you'd think he would pick out better bars. Daryan nodded. "I'm having whatever she is having." he said to Joe. Joe just raised an eyebrow at him and shrugged. He prepared a martini for him and poured him his drink. "What's a nice girl like you, doing in a place like this?" Daryan said with a small laugh. This was so cliché. "What's a rich fop like you doing in a place like this?" Ema did not really know him and she intended to keep it that way. He laughed. "For one thing, I'm not as rich as you might believe. And I'm not like Klavier. Let me buy you a drink." Ema nodded.

He bought her several more drinks. With every sip, she talked a bit more. And by the end of the night, she found herself truly enjoying his company. He was easy to talk to. He kept things light and pleasant. She had fun. "Listen, Ema. I liked talking to you and I'd love it, if we could continue this tomorrow night at dinner. Maybe without all the booze." He smiled at her, a warm and welcoming smile and she couldn't help but nod. "Sure." and with that, it was settled.

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Social Media Curse
Story by Leo Carson

Karen one day decided she was making a Google+ account. She named her account "The Adorable Princess". The first few weeks everything was normal, she added and gained friends day by day and made posts that people were interested in. By the end of the week she already had 100 followers. Starting that second week she notice that someone had added her, their profile picture was really creepy. It was an anime character with long white and and glowing green eyes. The picture scared her half to death but she added that person anyways.

The next day after she added that person she started to have problems with her notifications. A lot of her friends have asked her if she's seen their posts and she told that she didn't receive any of their notifications. She refreshed her account to see if that would do, but it didn't work. She then logged out and logged back in, but that didn't work either. Out of options she sent and email to the Google about her issues with her notifications and to see if they couldn't get it fixed. They said they would check into it and see what's the matter with it. Three days later they had told her that her notifications was somehow deleted off their server so they had to reenter the code so she could have them back. They told her that she could use the notifications once again. She thought it was kind of strange that the code to her notifications was deleted but now that she could use it she didn't pay no mind to it. She started messaging her friends on hangout when they started telling her about her posts. They started asking her what the matter was, her reply was, "I didn't post anything today, I don't know what you are talking about." They said, "We've seen some disturbing pictures on your account and we wanted to know if everything was alright."

"Yeah, everything is alright," she said. She then looked at her account to find none of the posts that they mentioned. She looked into her pictures to find these creepy pictures on her account. One was the profile picture of the person she added back. She then went to his account. When she went to that account she noticed that the name she typed in was the name that didn't match with the name that she's seen in her notification. The name that was in her notifications said Edward, but the name that came up on the account was EL Day Shock. But the name wasn't the only problem. The cover on their account was a GIF of flashing green eyes and for some reason it played an eerie music when she was on it. She tried everything she could to get off the account but it kept taking her back to their account. She then logged off her account and closed down her browser. The account scared her so much she notice that she had cold sweat running off her forehead and that her seat was wet. She started to cry as if the pain inside of her was too much to bare.

The next day she logged back on, she was back on her account, she opened her notifications to find and email from Google. She opened it and this is what the email said.

"Dear Karen,

We would like to inform you that the data from your account has been corrupted. For reasons we had to ban your account to remove a virus that has been inside your account. Under this ban you are unable to make posts or respond to others at this time. We also have made it so you can't add new people or make new hangout with other people on your list. The ones you already have right now is all we are allowing until this virus is removed. We will notify you when the threat has been removed."

This email terrified her, how did a virus get on to her account? Where did it come from? She then notice a message popped up in her hangout. It was from EL Day Shock. She opened it up and it said, "Did you find it?" She responded back, "Find what?" Under message it said, "Message did not send." She didn't know what he was asking or what he was talking about.

It was and hour after school and she logged on to her account again. A message from Google entered her notifications and it said that the virus was removed from her account and she was able to use her account again. She opened up er hangout and EL Day Shocks hangout was gone. It wasn't archived or anything, it was as if he deleted it. She didn't pay no mind and started chatting with her friends. The next day is when everything started to be really weird. Her notifications stops working and all of her hangouts were gone, except for EL Day Shocks that kept responding, "Did you find it?" She was finally able to respond and he said, "Your soul."

"M-my soul? What are you talking about?" she asks

"Look into my eyes." As he said that she completely panicked. She was taken to his account, she couldn't get off his account. She tried to log out but it wouldn't let her log out, she tried to delete the account but it wouldn't let her delete her account, she tried to close her browser but she couldn't do that. Then she looked at her profile picture at the upper right hand corner. The picture she used had glowing green eyes. It freaked her out so bad she did a hard shut down on her laptop and fell to the floor. Her clothes were soaked from her cold sweat and her seat was wet from her pee. She was shaking so bad she was afraid to move. She went to her bathroom mirror and saw glowing green eyes. It startled her and she fell back into her tub.

The girl known as Karen, lost her soul by EL Day Shock, the last minute of her life was completely gone. After her passing people started making reports to Google saying that there is a horrifying account that's been causing everyone's account to go berserk, some have committed suicide or had accidental deaths like Karen. But Google was unable to find this EL Day Shock so the terror still continues on. People can still hear that horrifying music that keeps playing off of EL Day Shock's account and that flashing GIF.

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