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CiviCRM - Conceptos básicos: Tareas programadas y Cron Job

En CiviCRM cuenta con una serie de tareas programadas que podemos administrar (veremos cómo más abajo) y que activan determinadas funciones de la herramientas. Por ejemplo, sin estas tareas, los correos masivos no se enviarían automáticamente, los grupos inteligentes no se renovarían automáticamente con los contactos que cumplieran los requisitos para formar parte de ellos y las bases de datos no se limpiarían de archivos temporales automáticamente.

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Get this free eBook - (available only today) and discover how to make the best use of #CiviCRM today.

What You Will Learn:
• Create a successful CiviCRM implementation project
• Install and configure CiviCRM in Joomla! or Drupal, understand advanced configuration options, and review the upgrade process in detail
• Get comfortable with the CiviCRM interface and understand the basic contact functionality and concepts to perform various contact records-related operations
• Collect data, organize it, and import it into the system to ensure smooth functioning of your projects
• Use CiviCRM to communicate efficiently and track case history with constituents.
• Build an integrated system to solicit, retain, and manage your donors and members through robust management and reporting tools for administrators
• Take advantage of the many CiviCRM tools for generating both simple and complex event structures and managing registrants through every phase of the project
• Integrate the grant management process with your other constituent management activities, making your organization a more efficient and productive financial support provider
• Make reports using the various templates to retrieve, display and analyze your data

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Community members, a few weeks back CiviCRM announced the addition of a community jobs board to its website. This is intended to be a resource for finding both CiviCRM and nonprofit talent within our community and is free for member and partner organizations. Announcement details are here and the jobs board itself it online at

Consistent with our offering to organizations posting jobs, we do plan to occasionally promote listings across social media, including Google+. We invite you to take part in the new resource! Thanks for being a part of this incredible community!

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Last year saw the first CiviCon North West Europe, and this year there will be a sequence! The date is 26 May and the event will take place in Woerden, The Netherlands.

CiviCon North West Europe is THE place to meet the CiviCRM community, learn about CiviCRM, what it can do, what other do with it, share your experience, learn from others and be part of the CiviCRM ecosystem!

Check the website for more information and registration:

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Hey +CiviCRM users - any help appreciated - How can I send a cc: of an Activity assignment e-mail to another user, as an FYI? 
When adding new assigned and scheduled (or completed) Activities, I want to be able to send a cc: of the Activity assignment e-mail to another user, to whom the Activity is not assigned, as well as sending the default e-mail to the assigned user. Is there a way to do this?

I need advice.  I recently lost a program I had used happily for years, and have to find something new.  I tried a demo of Civi, and all the elements looked friendly and easy to use.  My old program was on my computer.  I used it to keep track of donors, addresses, and send produce mailing labels and thank you letters.  I can go back to a data base, but I don't want to.  I would love to try Civi, but don't know about all the other stuff.  We have a great website, and don't want to change it.  I don't want to build a website, or work in the cloud.  I just want to manage a few donors. I watched videos all night.  They are either about how to use the program, which answers questions I don't have, or they talk about things I have no basis to understand.  I need either a beginning introduction to setting this up in a cloud, or something that I could use on my computer.

Default From email in CiviCRM
HI. A little help please
I am working on a civi system for an organisation that has volunteer supervisors  manning the phones and assigning activities to other volunteers.
The email to the volunteer should come from a standard email address - Dutyofficer@...

However, the system defaults to the Volunteer supervisors email address and not the Dutyofficer one which is set up and used as default

Any ideas please

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CiviVolunteer Make It Happen is coming down to the wire and needs additional support by COB tomorrow. There's a $15k match on the table to take CiviVolunteer and pump a lot more functionality into it. If you use CiviVol, this Make It Happen needs your support! #civivolunteer  
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