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Me Yushi Mia Luna and Isa went to the water park and had fun
we played all day long
it turned afternoon so me and the girls went to our dorms
Mia Isa went to there dorm(Mia Isa share a door
luna went to her dorm
and I me and Yushi went to our dorm(Yushi and Miku/me share a dorm
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~First Pic Profile~
Name: Miku
Likes: playing, her sisters
Personality: kind, nice, clumsy sometimes

~Second Pic Profile~
Name: Isa
Likes: playing her sisters
Species: Neko

~Third Pic Profile~
Name: Mia
Likes: playing her sisters
Personality: a sweetheart
~Forth Pic Profile~
Name: Luna
Likes: playing her sisters, reading,
Personality: kind, nice, a book worm

~Last pic profile~
Name: Yushiko
Nickname: Yushi
Likes:Likes: playing her sisters
Personality: Shy, kind, nice
with all the sisters together they are a band
Yushiko and Isa are the guitar players
Miku/me is the singer
Luna plays the drums
Mia plays the melody
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Yushi and I has heading to our dorms(Yushi is Yushiko nickname
me: Yushi I'm gonna check on something quickly be back
Yushi: Ok be back safe
Yushi goes to the dorm room
I has heading to my locker until a bully came a pushed her into the floor
Me: Ouch! That hurt!
Bully: I don't care

Hi everyone if anyone of you wants to do a roleplay with me Let me know ok Alright and you can also add me as a friend btw i add you too of course the roleplays That i do for now are these ones =

Final Fantasy VII - Cloud
Final Fantasy X - Tidus
Final Fantasy XV - Noctis
Kingdom Hearts - Sora
Dragonball Z - Goku
Sword Art Online - Kirito

These ones are the only ones for now so please leave a comment if you Are interested ^^

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i was in the library I was checking out some spell books then I bumped into u sorry +Firecat698 *Ember The Sylveon*

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sits in the library reading a book

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(+Dire Wolfe, its a cute picture and its close(ish) to halloween so.. thats the setting xD)
Cmon, You said we would go to this party together, dont back out now! i called to my brother from down the hall. We where in the dorms but there were no separate dorm buildings for each gender, and you heard from out from of your dorm room as you where leaving You know i love Halloween, And you promised you would go. Please, Onii~sama? i put on a cuter voice as the childish side in me showed, and my brother (picture below) sighed and continued walking until we both walked out the door. You on the other hand.. heard nothing of the Halloween party and where curious. You then..(
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