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Name: Max Martin

Age: 11

Gender: Male

(Siblings oldest to youngest)

Miranda (17 years) Maddie ( 16 years) Molly ( 15 years) Mandy (14 years) Mabel ( 13 years) Max ( 11 years) Mimi ( 8 years) Melissa ( 6 years) Macy ( 6 years) Mary ( 3 years) Melody ( 1 year)

Crush: Alexandria Anderson

Loves: his sister's birthday parties sport's.

Hates: losing his family getting called Maxwell blue

Appearance: brown hair green eyes gray shirt and green sweat pants.

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Thease are my elvs.

Name: Engineer Gender: Male Likes: Machines, Sentry's Hates: When Don't Get Victory Grade: Passed Collage Age: 54

Hi im garin im a huge fan of the loud house. Thats the reason i joined this thing.

Alexandria was in her room reading a book when she hears Annie and Austin arguing.

Name: Caleb Loud.
Gender: Male.
Hair color: Short Teal hair.
Like: Cooking, Writing, Music, fanfiction.
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