Weigh in tomorrow. $20 for the month is due!

Weight in today and please pay for the month if you haven't yet. $20!

Weigh in tomorrow and we will find out who the biggest loser is for the first month!

Another 5 lbs Mr. Thompson!?! Geez, gotta step up my game. Congrats!

Are we still on Thursday weigh in for this week?

Week 2...Chris Thompson is the biggest loser with 4lbs lost this week. Keep it up everyone.

Anyone a member of 24 hour fitness? I am planning to go to Zumba every Tuesday (4:30pm) and Thursday (5pm) at the Bellflower location if anyone wants to join me. I went to this session last night and the male instructor was super entertaining.

Hey Losers! I am setting up this Google Plus community for us to communicate and post opportunities with in the group instead of bugging the whole staff. So if you have workout 'get together' opportunities, recipes, good reads, supportive comments, praises and cheers, etc...´╗┐post them here!

First week down! Candice takes the top spot for pounds lost this week. Woo hoo! Gerry was a close second. The winners of each month will be based on percent lost, but always good to celebrate our progress.
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