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A message from Collaborative Entrepreneurship Network:

Hello CEN members,

We have a few important announcements:

1. CEN is happy to announce the start of a new entrepreneurs-helping-entrepreneurs campaign! Starting this August, we will be posting submissions from CEN startups and promoting them on Twitter, our newsletter, and throughout the CEN Online communities. We will ask the founder to select a specific area where they need help, so that CEN members and investors can offer their advice and assistance. In the past on forums and in-person gatherings, this has led to connections, introductions, offers to help promote, and even cofounder connections! If you want your startup to be featured, or know of a startup that could use entrepreneurial or investing help from the community, email us at with a link to your website (where applicable), a preferred hashtag, and what type of assistance the community can provide. Follow us at to join the conversation and be notified of the startup of the week. Please remember to only share information with which you are comfortable being publicized.

2. CEN requires a qualified local Organizer and Chapter Leader prior to conducting the events with Angel Investors and starting the Community Funds. Our aim is to conduct these events as a Goodwill mission with our network of philanthropists, investors, and local business leaders who want to give back to their communities. We have had an amazing response to the mission, but adapting the CEN system from our online communities to by finding local Organizers requires us to carefully select and train Chapter Leaders in philanthropic investing. While this has worked well across online community platforms that we can virtually direct, Meetup’s incredible platform brings people together with events. As a result, the selection process takes time and we don't think it's fair to keep newer groups waiting for this process to complete. To remedy this mismatch of timelines, we have decided to centralize established Chapters with Organizers and Fund Leaders across all platforms (including its Meetup Chapters) at . The Meetup groups without an accepted local Chapter Lead will be closed at the end of this week, and will instead be directed to our Online Groups of entrepreneurs until we have an accepted Chapter Leader to conduct in-person meetings for groups and the Community Micro-Fund . Existing Chapter Leaders will continue their Investor events and Community Fund on both Meetup and Online Groups. If you want to be considered for that role, please message us at . Make sure to join us at and find your corresponding location to be involved in the online community and notified of the new Meetup Chapter and Community Fund this Fall.

Thank you and keep innovating!

-Your CEN Team

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