What do people recommend for a 1-shot to introduce young kids to 5e? 5th grade/6th grade age.

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Hello everyone!

I would like to present to you Notice Board collaboration project between Forgotten Adventures (https://www.patreon.com/forgottenadventures) and Elven Tower (https://www.patreon.com/elventower)
Both of us have worked on this project’s graphical and written elements.

This project consists of an Notice Board as well as 10 complete posters presented as separate PNG files.

Each poster has a short description and plot hook attached to it in the included PDF.

We have also included Blank Template Posters in case anyone would like to make their own.

And as a bonus, couple Wax seals and Half Burned posters as well.

We hope that you'll find this resource useful and it'll be a great addition to your game.

We really enjoyed this collaboration and if we get another opportunity we would love to expand on it once in a while if you guys like it.

For example with new Themed Boards and more posters of course. Please let us know what you think, and if you have any suggestions or ideas we would like to hear them as well!

You can download this project for Free on our Patreon Pages:

Download from Elven Tower at https://www.patreon.com/posts/notice-board-19630462

Download from Forgotten Adventures at https://www.patreon.com/posts/modular-notice-19630476

Hi everyone!

I've been running a 5e game for a while and do to recent altercations a player had to leave the group. So I have one extra position available. The game is held on skype on Sundays and if there are enough people available then on Saturdays too, would anyone be interested in joining?

So guys, as some of you may have noticed there are (2 to my knowledge) outer planes that change a creatures type (Arborea native Elves are Celestials, and there's one that makes Dwarves celestials too). I know not being a humanoid means no more lycanthropy or vampirism, but can you think of anything else that might be interesting to note? (Planar Binding and Magic Circle can now suddenly affect a PC, for example). I'm looking for things of note from a PC perspective, not so much an NPC.

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Thought provoking blog post on the adventurer lifestyle. Can't wait for the followup!

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People have been spreading lies and misinformation (as usual) about my motives and goals in talking about the need for a "DnDGate" movement and what it's all about. Here's the truth.


I have a slightly unique issue. The DM of my group is effectively being too giving and rewarding to us players to the point where challenge is very hard to come by. I get for the campaign he wants one more narrative driven. But he's made fights and such kinda a joke.

My character for example is a sixth level ranger. He started out as a Half Elf\Aasimar. Which we all thought was cool as I had said why does the other half need to be human? Could be anything. But anyway across a session or two, after being left for dead and having been separated from the party in a confusing sprawl.

He was attacked by a Vampire and turned. The party found him, slayed the one who turned him and sat with him to see what would happen. So he rose up as a Vampire. Then the DM said that my character's "celestial blood is fighting against the curse of undeath." Quite simply, my character has the strengths of a Vampire, without the handicaps that come with.

Then we search the lair the Vampire had and found his little collection of artifacts. I can't remember what the other players got, I'll have to check with them next time I can. But it was similar in power to what I found in the lair.

A 9+ longsword and a 7+ blowpipe. So in short, how do I tell my DM he's being too nice? It makes the fights a joke and makes anything cool the party find feel really unearned.

Hey guys, I need some help. You see my Party is planning to train the Owlbear featured in Chapter 3 of The Lost Mine of Phandelver to hunt (Due to Poor Dexterity and Charisma rolls from the party beating worse rolls from the 'bear, they have concluded that it is young and unable to hunt). The Cleric also wishes to tame it.
They have also concluded that the taming will be comprised of Charima rolls in some capacity. Any ideas on to how to make the training more interesting? Ideally in a non-TPK-inducing way.

Question: I'm creating a class called the Dreamer for 5th ed. One ability will be finding a Dream Companion in the Dream Realm . This companion would be similar to the Beast masters animal companion or like the 3rd ed cohort you gain in the Leadership Feat. So the question is how would this character advance? I'm thinking you would get it at 3rd level, but it's still in a "dream" stage that is it's immaterial and only you can see and hear it. It's only as you go up in levels that it becomes material and more powerful.
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