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is this product from Japan ?

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Cotton,canvas handmade

Machine wash in net bag
Comfort and compact

Worldwide shipping
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be in osaka on april 11-19, see you around:-)

Not sure if this is the right place to ask this question but… I'm going to Osaka next mint and I wonder besides the Apple Store in Shinsaibashi, is there any other places where I can buy a Sim-free iPhone 6?

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This Saturday is a massive Halloween party at Club Pure in Shinsaibahi. Festivities begin at 8 and go until 5am. It's all-you-can-drink all night Pure style.

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I'll definitely be checking this place out next week when I get to Osaka

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everyone use the softdrink but does't know the important fact about soft drink !

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Gyoza Stadium is the first place you should go when visiting Osaka.
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where is the best place in osaka to hang out? any suggestions?
 thanks :)

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