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I have some troubles with rotate_extrude.

When I rotate extrude the polygon shown on the left, the result has a hole on its top, I tried to move points but it never disappears.

After the extrusion I need to perform a CSG difference on it but it hangs except if I add .reTesselated().canonicalized(); to the extrude line.

Is there something I'm doing wrong ?
the script is here

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Few days ago I've released the new version of Atom plugin to edit and preview JSCAD files. New version support includes, completion (sort of, WIP) and many fixes/new bugs.

Unfortunately, while moving repository from account to another one, plugin lost it's original name and now it's available as

Hello, I'm getting an error when trying to export to STL:

Error: FileSystem API error: requestFileSystem returned error Error #18

What does this mean? How do I fix it?

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Hello, a little feedback from my project. Now that I am experienced enough with 3D models flattening, I decided to add a matrix skeleton to the volume, in order to build stronger structures, essentially furniture. Here is my first try, this is only 1/8 of the furniture but the process seems already OK. The only "draback" is that it was much more easy to design and slice the model with Wings 3D then export the parts to OpenJSCAD to render the facets and skeleton.

I also have a question. I wrote a library for my functions and put each new project (one for each part) on a directory with main.js, functions.js and part.js (specific data to process the part). So now I have lots of directories containing the same functions.js. Is there a recommended architecture that would allow me to use libraries from the same place ?
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Hello, I'm looking for a shape that could be used as an identity element for union. It would be really useful for reducing an array of objects, and seems like something that should exist


Hi! I need to translate some STL files that I did in Fusion 360 to get them in a parametric form. Those are prosthetics and this job is gonna be payed, of course. If you need to know something about me, or what we do, check this

For more information: or


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Could this be done with OpenJSCAD: Generate notch shaped gemetries for laser cutting?

The base part (the rectangular outer frame) was generated with That's a piece of cake :)

Then I modelled the inner part and added notches manually (funnel).

I'm not going to generate very complex models. But when it comes to non 90 degree angles, it turns out to be quite a bit of work...

More pics:

Thanks for any hints

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I just received a 2017 New Years greeting from Makers Faire. Pretty nice of them to mention (And they even spelled it correctly!)
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Hello, here is another cardboard 3d model. It's my first with > 600 triangles. The automatically unflattened model was too difficult for me to assemble it correctly. I unflattened it by hand so it has parts easy to assemble. (I'm still using svg output from the console ). #CartonnageNumérique
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I am looking to take a series of points in order as a closed loop and extrude them in to a 3d solid. What would be the best way to go about this?.
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