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Sounds cool but $700/year is a bit much. Am I completely wrong or could OpenJSCAD do such things with a couple lines of code?

Opinion: the new docs that are broken up one HTML page to a concept (accessible from's left bar's "User guide / documentation" link are less pleasant to use than the old single-page doc ( since browser-native find-in-page works much more seamlessly than using the search box in the new docs. I hope this decision can be revisited or that a single-page option is kept.

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A weeks worth of phone cases for the wife... designed in JSCAD.
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Hello, I tried to use the new VectorText on and got this, do I need to do something like cache flush ? (I'm using Firefox 62 (64 bits) on Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS )

I want to know how to serve up OpenJSCAD constructions on a static web site run inside a docker container. I'm moving my blog from (which was getting too big and cumbersome) to the static engine Hugo, and my server from one instance of apache running everything, to docker containers mostly using nginx.

I would normally work with OpenJSCAD on my local machine, and when I had the result I wanted, copy it over to my VPS. But what I want to know is what's the minimum I need to display OpenJSCAD? Will the JavaScript library CSG.js be enough? (I already use other js libraries such as mathjax successfully.)

Or do I need to create a new container to run and serve OpenJSCAD?

Thanks very much!

PS. I have downloaded a dockerized version of OpenJSCAD and it runs fine. I'm not quite sure though how to manage my own files, and more particularly how to make them available online. Thanks again.

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Hey guys... playing with the @jscad libraries and was able to get my es6 jscad-utils working! #jscad

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Release v1.9.0 of OpenJSCAD !

For those who did not notice, there’s a new release of, which is going to be the LAST release of V1.

We released this version because there was one BIG improvement made by lautr3k, which reworked the support for text strings. BIG THANKS AGAIN!

Major rework for text, including:
- new functions; vectorChar() and vectorText()
- new options for height
- new options for spacing
- new options for multi-line text alignment
- new option for font

The user guide been updated, and you can learn how to use these functions quickly.

In addition, there were some small enhancements / fixes:
- enabled the export of 3D objects to DXF 3D Faces (z3dev)
- fixed the import of SVG files form Inkscape (pentacular)

Keep those contributions and ideas coming!

Wait, what?
Not even scale parameter in the linear_extrude function?
And no solidFromSlices replacement in the new API.

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Is it possible to initiate SVG or DXF exports directly from the main OpenJSCAD editor/viewer (or the browser’s JavaScript console) or would I need to create a custom application to import the serializer npm module?

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Hello, here's my latest creation, a 1m60 tall giraffe, made of 464 triangles that were digitally unfolded by a jscad script to 34 A4 sheets of corrugated cardboard.
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