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The area of my brain devoted to 3D printing is nearing capacity. Our students are obsessed with it. One of our rules is that in order to have something 3D printed, you, the student, have to design it. It can't be something that is just found online. What do you think of that?

Hi everyone. Introduce yourselves! I want something to read. It's like we're all at a party standing around looking at each other.

Favorite green screen apps: MoviePro (enhances the audio) and Green Screen by Do Ink (easy to use).

Our Makerspace Site at Moreland Hills Elementary:

Hi everyone! I'm Eddie Evans, Orange City Schools, Pepper Pike, OH, Technology Coach at Moreland Hills Elementary. Let's have fun!

Thank for setting up the Community Eddie! I am going to start inviting people who have an interest in 'open source information sharing' to help all students grow! Invite whomever you like as well!
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