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The Rusted Garden Seed & Garden Products Shop is Open!

The Rusted Garden has formally opened a garden seed and product shop on Shopify. You can find all the seeds and products listed below and I will be adding more over this month. I am waiting on things like; seed storage bottles, potato grow bags, plant labels and other fun stuff. If you have any ideas on what would be great to sell, please leave me a comment.

Here is the link to my shop:

All items are selected, hand packed and ship by me, The Rusted Gardener himself. I am not selling for other vendors. All proceeds get turned backed into The Rusted Garden in some way.

I am offer free shipping for US domestic orders for purchases over $25. I am currently open to Canadian customers and will soon be open to fellow gardeners in the UK and Australia. I don’t offer free shipping for international orders. International rates apply for shipping postage. They are kind of steep too, sorry.

Please check out my shop and have a great 2017 gardening season.

Gary Pilarchik



Beneficial Insects

Bok Choy

Calcium Nitrate


Cool Season








Managing Diseases

Managing Pests

Neem Oil


Pollinators & Bees





Warm Season


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Moving on with germination. 
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The early onset of this Winter's rainy season coupled with its noteworthy intensity seems to have confused my multi-grafted plum tree. Instead of the usual sequence of varietal blooms comprising early, mid and late season fruit, all cultivars seem to be going popcorn and flowering at once. Pictured is Beauty Plum. I managed to get my dormant oil and copper based fungicidal spraying done just days before things started getting floral.
#Fruit #Plum #CRFG 

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Tomato harvest of 22.02.2017 from my living room balcony window . Probably the 2nd last harvest of this season , it is already 35 Celcius since a week now in Mumbai . Kellogg's breakfast. Aunt Ruby's German green tomato and the yellow pear cherry tomatoes are heirlooms , seeds are from The supersweet100 cherry tomato is a hybrid from .
#tomatoharvest #smallspacegarden #mumbaibalconygardener #homegrowntomatoes

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Last Tomato Harvest Of The Season,Its Hard To Say Bye ☺♥ 

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We're growing several things from South American this year. Here is a look at how the Pepino Melons and Tzimbalo Melon Pears are doing so far. 

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Our Fava Beans (Broad Beans to some) have been growing all Winter long here in San Francisco. The generous flushes of flowers blooming now promise many pounds of giant pods with meaty sweet legume goodness to come. But did you know that the tender young leaves at the tip of the shoots are also yummy as salad greens? Even more obscure, something I learned only recently, is that the leaflets are rich in Dopamine, an essential substance manufactured in all the body's organs which only lasts a few minutes in the bloodstream but triggers countless vital processes. Contrary to what you might read on some snake-oil promoting pseudo-science websites however; you must be aware that the Dopamine you get from Fava Beans and Leaflets can not help folks who are suffering from Parkinson's disease. That's because Dopamine molecules are too big to cross over the blood/brain barrier. Parkinson's sufferer's are prescribed L-Dopa, which can get into the brain and is there converted to Dopamine.
#Fava #FavaBeans #FavaLeaves #Parkinsons #Dopamine #LDopa #GrowYourOwnMedicine

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Out of all the varieties I have grown over the years these are in my top five for taste. Unfortunately it's name is unknown. Grown by an elderly gentleman for the last 20-30 years at least.
Year after year this is all he grows. I have named them after him.
Due to disease taste is not as good as other years but still spectacular IMHO.
Four fruit gave me 1,718 grams of tomatoes.
It usually makes a lot of trusses up the plant as big as this. 

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Simple raised beds added to grow more food this year! I'm thinking strawberries, beets, snap peas and carrots... of course, I'm always a fan of even more tomatoes!
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