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UPDATE: Unfortunately this is what happens when only about 3 followers read your blog: people are unable to learn rather obvious lessons. So because racially-motivated police shooting of the year #5644 (AND #5645. I guess they trying to double their quota of black victims for the month) have resulted on the SAME debunked strawman argument trotted out again and again (even Jay Leno would have gotten new material at this point) and thought it might be handy to bring torvh back out so we can burn that sucker.

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This is NASA's scientific research graph on global warming as it stands today! VERY SCARY data to appreciate!

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I started reading this subversively anti-USA book last night, something I had been delaying because I had already scanned the book months ago after I brought it home from the free book rack at Togus VAMC hospital. But this author also horribly libels Muslims very unfairly in his propaganda, particularly in his rants on September 11, 2001.

This book will take a lot of time for me to go through it in its entirety because it is such dishonest subversive propaganda, so I am only going to transcribe my written notations in the margins of this atrocious book up to part of the first chapter, to give an idea of how subversively corrupt this author really is! And to think that the author, who should not be confused with the attorney in Chicago, defames the US Marine Corps by also saying he is a sergeant in the Marine Corps reserves! My notes, the meat of which is in the first chapter:

Front page : "Note: this book was previously owned by someone else monogrammed as 'Property of Larry S. Mac Farlane Oct 2003', and I detest the way this book was previously defaced by dishonest persons who did not know the truth or who intentionally desired to corrupt the truth. Libris Fidelis, September 15, 2016"


ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Page vii : "This book was written by an entirely dishonest author whose propaganda exceeds mere prejudice, but is within the realm of egocentric insanity. This is a difficult book to critique, due to its bulk of forceful dishonesty that rarely uses actual facts in their proper context. But I will endeavor to bring SOME truth even though the proper title should be Why The Right Hates Our USA."

Page viii : "Are these last names beginning to sound strange to you???"

INTRODUCTION Page 1 : The anti-US prejudice by which this book is written is very difficult to read."

Page 2 : "Patriotism or communistic obedience??? What a prejudiced hateful statement to make!"

Page 2 : "Would the author care to use proper English grammar to interpret his last words of his dishonest statement?"

Page 3 : "WHO IS HE? But that is the history of our USA!"

Page 3 : "Looks to me to be an Anarchist not a "Leftist" "

Page 4 : "total lack of research. The "Left" doesn't do that!!!"

Page 4 : "This author is arrogantly insane! Where does he get his emotional words from?"

Page 5 : "No but the author does! Because they THINK? This author is a propaganda Minister!!!"

Page 6 : "The author is never clear about who these people are that he writes about!"

Page 6 : Black Students' Association "Not known for being "Leftist"!"

Page 7 : "Black Panthers are "Leftists"??"

Page 7 : "Osama bin Laden was a CIA operative before betrayed by the author's conservative party which is why he was anti-USA!"

Page 8 : "But the author himself is an activist!!!"

Page 8 : "Progressives seek to reveal liars like this author so people avoid propagandists like this author, which isn't censorship!"

Page 8 : "This author is intent on fomenting the sort of social obedience thought control used by the Nazis of Europe during the 1930s and 1940s, he writes like a neo Nazi. Not to anyone oblivious to the international crimes to humanity that our USA has committed for the benefit of global investment and global commerce."

Page 9 : "Because our USA funds many of those organizations"

Page 10 : our country as model: "Racist lynchings? In the hands of the few? Cheap non-union labor? By attacking them? Brainwashed celebration of power"

Page 10 : "Great point for what coerced support is like because that is NOT patriotism!!! Good example that shoots down the author's own rant! We Liberals have said that for centuries!!"

Part 1 ENEMIES WITHIN title page : "i.e. The author of this book."

Page 15 : "This chapter is too historically complex for this author's substandard intelligence."

Page 15 : "I did not see this!!!! The author is focusing on emotional expression of influence rather than on the character of the event."

Page 16 : "This is not how I remember it. Everyone was in shock but I do not recall ANY patriotism. Everyone was dumbfounded."

Page 16 : "The Nablus response was NOT in the thousands it was a small response. My recollection was that for the FIRST TIME the world showed sympathy to USA. The editorial in Al-Maydan was a personal opinion and NOT news reporting. Bin Laden was a CIA operative whom our USA betrayed -- this is an example???"

Page 16 : "If "intellectuals in the West" blamed our USA's arrogant injustice for September 11th doesn't the author think there was a reason???"

Page 16 : "Sumera Thobani of the National Action Committee On The Status Of Women is telling the truth but does the author wish to check her facts?? It's all in HISTORY! The author uses the very dishonest propaganda term "impulsively" anti-USA "Western intellectual community", exposes the author's rabid dishonety"

Page 17 : "The author continually bastardizes history to rant a propaganda he intends to influence others into an emotional hatred to anyone who does not celebrate our nation's ill history. The author himself demonizes our USA by lying in his descriptions about the truth that the rest of the world detests our nation but not our people for our war on foreign people."

Page 17 : "If as the author says, the grieving who criticized our USA for September 11th 2001 were comprised of "WEALTHY elites" from the "campuses, museums, and the media" -- doesn't that suggest to the author that unlike the author the criticizers were educated??"

Page 17 : The real threat comes from people like the author who worship the many historic transgressions of our USA!!! The Nazis and the Soviets said the very same thing that their national regimes had "enemies within" and the author is a prime example of such propaganda that attacks history and reasoning."

Page 18 : "It is really pointless in countering the author's propaganda since he is a chronic liar spreading false ideology and he is a "hate monger", but a person must really psychotically hate the truth to believe anything the author wrote.

Page 18 : "The very prejudiced use of fractionated reference statements taken from legitimate news sources is this author's habitual propaganda style to distort the truth."

Page 18 : "It needs to be stated that this psychotic author's main intent to focus on September eleven is to foment hatred of Arabs when almost all of the hijackers were from our US ally Saudi Arabia, and not by most Muslims!"

Page 19 : "The author intentionally ignores very tactful compassion that department head Royce Singleton at Holy Cross College and others have shown to protect the hurt and stunned Muslim students who had neither approval for nor did they celebrate September 11."

Page 19 : "And who were these people who burned our US flag on US college campuses? No doubt the news media and authorities never bothered to discover who they were, which they were probably ANARCHISTS!!!"

Page 19 : "over The US Supreme Electoral College Court that sealed legal Florida votes from Democratic Party precincts so that those ballots could not be counted, the author evades mentioning in his propaganda. The author uses sparcely random comments by a very few professors to write: "Professors were quick to preach from their lecturns" as if there was the single latent mentality that the author is trying to infect us with as his pseudo patriotism psychosis."

Page 19 : "The author repeatedly uses genuine honest reasons for why Liberals legitimately criticize our country's evil and cruel history, as reasons for the author to attack Liberals for Liberals actually being patriotic for campaigning for justice and for a code for integrity that does not presently exist"
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

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Hillary Clinton has done nothing to amend her past faults and in fact, she is doing nothing to assure anyone that she is not the same threat to Democracy that she has been in the past! Whereas she valiantly promoted the Hawai'ian Universal Health Care plan to Congress only to have Congress outlaw Universal Health Care in 1993, she continues to be a threat to Palestine! Any news conference that Hillary Clinton sponsors on herself is bound to have questions on her past... and Hillary Clinton has no clear record of past performance as an advocate for Liberalism or for Democracy ! ! ! ! But Hillary Clinton DOES have a past record of making deals with the wrong parties involving her in tyranny ! ! ! !
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